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Developing Java Applications – Issue on Java



Dear Readers,
This time we have a lot of great articles that for sure will attract your attention for sure and cause that you come back many times to read it again. So I would first encourage you dear reader drive your attention to the article Rajeev Hathi’s article: “Developing, deploying and consuming a Web Service using Netbeans IDE” is pretty easy to follow for anyone, even though it is an advanced topic. The writing ability of this author makes that the subject seem very simple. Next, if you are a developer, I would like to attract your interest with the article “Introduction to Google’s Guava library” article written by Hubert Klein Ikkink. I also can suggest a very good article written by Sujatha and Bhargav Perepa about introduction to Cloud Computing. Their article will be the first of a series of three articles which promise additional in-depth discussion on this timely subject.


Java Media Framework by Buddhima Wijeweera
Sometimes is necessary of using media thru Java applications, this varies from simply integrating an audio player to streaming video. Still it’s not common to add an audio or a video player with Java, simply with the help of an IDE. Therefore, you’ll need to get the help of a 3ed party library to complete that purpose. One solution for this problem is to use Java Media Framework.

An Object Oriented Model for Robust Multi-threaded Programming by William la Forge
This article is about JActor2 a multi-threaded OO programming model, inspired by Alan Kay’s early thoughts on Objects. JActor2 is based on asynchronous 2-way messaging with assured responses. The net result being code that is both simpler and more robust, and hence easier to maintain.

Introduction to Google’s Guava Library by Hubert Klein Ikkink
In this article author wanted to show how we can achieve functional-like programming with Google Guava. The author introduces functions and predicates that can be used to map and filter collections in Java.

Developing, Deploying and Consuming a Web Services Using Netbeans IDE
by Rajeev Hathi

This article will walk you through the steps of creating, deploying, testing and consuming a simple Hello World JAX-WS Web service as part of a code-first approach using the popular Java based Netbeans IDE.

Introduction to Spring 4 By Using Spring Boot by Timothy Spann
In this article Timothy Spann will lead you through a fresh Spring version and a fresh Spring Tool to assist in rapidly developing Spring 4 REST Applications. You will see how easy it is to develop a RESTful Spring 4 application that connects to a MongoDB database using the excellent new tool, Spring Boot. It will be a quick overview, but you will find a lot of referenced information to continue with.

How to Secure Apache Tomcat by Ioannis Kostaras
Web Security is a multi-layered topic that must cover the operating system, the network, the web server, the supporting DBMS, and the web application itself. This article provides useful steps to secure the third aforementioned layer and more specifically the Apache Tomcat installation on Ubuntu (and Linux in general) operating system. Which files to protect, what kind of users to create and how to enable SSL are some of the topics covered.

Developing Java Applications
Preserving Domain Objects Across Layers by Paul Wells
In this article, Paul Wells and his team present an example of how to configure Jackson with Spring OAP and Spring Data JPA in order to eliminate the need to translate domain classes to these bridging classes – leaving the encapsulation intact and leaving us free to concentrate on building an optimal domain object model.

Java and Smart Cards by Soma Ghosh
In today’s world, it is a dire necessity to make any user oriented application to be available on a smart card or a mobile device. Hence, a need arises for an open, safe, inter-operable environment to develop and deploy these applications. Java card API has the answer.

Part I: Cloud Computing – An Overview by Sujatha Perepa, Bhargav Perepa
The continuous evolution of cloud computing and its successful result oriented implementations led to an enthusiastic participation from vendors, open source consortiums, standards bodies and businesses. In part I of this paper, authors will focus on Cloud Computing overview and its concepts. In Part II (next issue), authors plan to explore the realm of cloud computing from the IBM perspective and how IBM is participating and contributing to the Cloud’s open architecture initiative.

Collaborative Development for Faster Solutions by Leticia Adriana Simental Rodríguez and Victor Adrian Sosa Herrera
In this article, Leticia and Victor want to show how Collaboration team with IBM Rational Developer Application and IBM Rational Team Concert can optimize the time that takes a development team requires to reproduce and fix an application problem.

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