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Deploying On Office / Workgroup Server On FreeBSD – Workshop eBook



Dear Readers,

You probably already know that we have an online course called Deploying On Office / Workgroup Server On FreeBSD. It’s full of theoretical materials, assignments and final test to check your knowledge. After completing all of the assignemnts and final test you will recieve a certificate. So that’s some work to do!

For those of you, who would only like to take a look, practice or fill the knowledge gaps, we decided to prepare Deploying On Office / Workgroup Server On FreeBSD. It is still paid, but it only containes theoretical materials, so it’s cheaper than the course itslef. It’s a great opportunity to those of you, who have been thinking about taking the course, but aren’t sure, if that’s something for you.

This e-book will be added to the course as a free download, for those of you who participate in the course. All materials here were written by our instructor, Ivan Voras.


Marta & BSD Mag Team

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

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