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Application Debugging and Troubleshooting – The BSD Course Ebook



Start saving your time today and find out how useful skills you can learn with Carlos.

In this workshop you will see real life situations, where debugging skills will save you time, headaches and possibly find a solution with minimal amount of effort.

Debugging/Troubleshooting is a really useful skill when you are working in maintaining legacy applications, doing some small incremental changes to an old code base, where the code has been touched by so many hands over the years and it is becoming really a mess. So, management has decided that the code works as it is and you are not allowed to change it all over “the right way ™”.


  • Introduction to the GDB debugger
  • Advanced inspection of data structures and variables
  • Introduction to the JDB debugger
  • Working with core dumps in GDB
  • Introduction to Dtrace

About the Instructor

Carlos Antonio Neira Bustos

Carlos Antonio Neira Bustos has worked  several years as a  C/C++  developer and kernel porting and debugging  enterprise legacy applications. He is currently employed as  a C developer under Z/OS,  debugging and troubleshooting legacy applications for a global financial company. Also he is engaged in independent research on affective computing.





If you have any questions about the course, please contact Ewa at [email protected]

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