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3 Courses Bundle


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3 Courses Bundle from The BSD Magazine is designed to ensure that you can get all relevant skills that will bring you one step ahead in your career.

3 Courses Bundle includes:

Devops with Chef on FreeBSD

This training class teaches the tools, best practices and skills to automate your FreeBSD servers. Training will be loaded with practical real world tools and techniques. This training will send you back to work with immediately useful hands on experience to implement Devops in your IT projects.

Improve Your PostgreSQL Skills

This course will allow readers to get a better understanding of PostgreSQL. The course aims to present the readers with a solid knowledge of PostgreSQL building blocks, including the plpgsql language and how it can be used to build stored procedures and triggers. Advanced features like Common Table Expression and Window Functions will be presented, allowing the user to improve her SQL skills and know how to write better and more readable queries.
The reader will know how to manage and understand its database cluster thanks to glance at the PostgreSQL catalog and statistic collector. Last, readers will learn how to handle master-slave replication, a core feature of PostgreSQL.

Device Driver Development for BSD

This course is intended for C programmers who want to learn the basics of device driver development. The course will cover:

  • Character devices.
  • How to add new system calls to your OS.
  • Basic notions about network drivers.

The course consists of seven modules. As part of the course final exam, you will write a character device able to implement a fully functional ARC4 encryptor.


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