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Donating to the OpenBSD Foundation

The OpenBSD foundation exists as a place where donations can be made to further OpenBSD, OpenSSH, and related software projects. We are a Canadian federally incorporated not-for-profit corporation, which means funds directed to us must be directed towards our stated objects, other than what we require for operating overhead. We endeavour to keep our overhead as small as possible.

We are not a registered charity, in the sense that we do not issue tax deductible receipts. The reporting overhead (accounting and legal costs) to operate a registered charity in Canada is prohibitive without a sizable revenue stream. Currently, this would divert a great deal of resources that could be better utilised in helping build good free software. We can issue receipts for donations which while not deductible as charitable donations in Canada may be used for accounting and/or tax purposes.

The Foundation will work in cooperation with the OpenBSD development team to ensure funds are applied to areas of greatest need – Normally this includes paying for infrastructure costs (networking) and for developer events for collaborative development effort (hackathons). See Here for a list of what we have been involved with recently, and our 2016 Fundraising Campaign (post below).

Our 2016 Fundraising Campaign

The OpenBSD Foundation needs your help to achieve our fundraising goal of $250,000 for 2016.

Reaching this goal will ensure the continued health of the projects we support, will enable us to help them do more, and will avoid the distraction of financial emergencies that could spell the end of the projects.

2015 was a good year for the foundation financially, with one platinum, one gold, four silver and 3 bronze donors providing half of our total donations. 680 individuals making smaller contributions provided the other half. While the total was down significantly after 2014’s blockbuster year, we again exceeded our goal.

Our goal for 2016 is to increase the amount of support we offer for development, without compromising our regular support for the projects. We would like to:

  • Plan and support more developer events (hackathons), and allow for more developers to attend these events.
  • Continue to improve the project infrastructure.
  • Fund more dedicated developer time for targeted development of specific projects.

To achieve our goal we need both Individual and Corporate sponsorship of the foundation. To put our goal in context:

  • If $10 were given for every installation of OpenBSD in the last year from the master site (ignoring the mirrors) we would be at our goal.
  • If $2 were given for every download of the OpenSSH source code in the last year from the master site (ignoring the mirrors) we would be at our goal.
  • If a penny was donated for every pf or OpenSSH installed with a mainstream operating system or phone in the last year we would be at our goal.

As an individual or corporation, the best kind of donation we can receive is a recurring donation. This allows longer term planning on our part, instead of hoping for one time cash infusions. The easiest way for an individual to support us in this way is a recurring Paypal donation, which is our preference.

Donations to the foundation can be made on our Donations Page. We can be contacted regarding corporate sponsorship at [email protected]

Source and info about donations: OpenBSD Foundation

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