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BSD in the CLOUDS by Olaoluwa Omokanwaiye

There is a saying in my culture – “The clouds are wide enough for every bird to fly without hindering another”. The meaning of this profound proverb is that there…


2016 Open Source Jobs Report – Open Source Hiring to Increase in Next 6 Months – Infographic by Linux Foundation

Source: Linux.com


FreeNAS vs TrueNAS by Brett Davis

“What’s the difference between TrueNAS and FreeNAS? Is TrueNAS just FreeNAS installed on a server?” If you look at the software feature list, there aren’t a ton of differences. So…


Raspberry Pi: How to Get Started – Explained Visually by Who is Hosting This?

Source: imgur


Unix Command-Line Cheat Sheet BTI2014

Source: Slideshare

Internet of Things concept - Tablet with Information Technology icons

Why ZIL Size Matters (or Doesn’t) by Marty Godsey

Years of photos, audio, and video – we make Tru- eNAS because data is critical. Storage downtime can equal an instant loss of revenue. TrueNAS elim- inates the RAID hardware…


What are open source license? – Explained Visually by BBVA Innovation Centre

Source: BBVA open for you


Meet the Smallest BSDs: RetroBSD and LiteBSD, Brian Callahan

We all expect *BSD to run on our personal computers and servers. What you may not know is that the last five years have seen a successful experiment to bring…


Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet by DaveChild

Source: Cheatography


Letter to BSD Users from Rod Hayward

Hi Folks, after sending a message to you with contribution request, we have received an email from Rod. Rod would love to write an article, but he has no access to…

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