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An Overview of Computer Programming – Explained Visually by Ellie Koning

Source: perceptionsystem.com


Which is More Powerful, Python or PHP in 2015? – Explained Visually by Perception System

Source: blog.perceptionsystem


An Outsider Perspective on Unikernels by Hamza Sheikh

I have read The Rise and Fall of the Operating System by Dr. Antti Kantee as well as Unikernels are Unfit for Production by Bryan Cantrill. As an outsider, I…


Show Me The Source: The Evolution Of Open Source – Explained Visually

Source: Infographic List


Python Cheat Sheet – pyWars by SANS Penetration Testing

Source: SANS Penetration Testing

Business meeting and teamwork concept

Open Source Might Be the New Business Era! by Georgios Pessios

Back in June of 2014, during WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), Apple announced its new programming language; Swift! The creation of the language started in the summer of 2010 by Chris…


The Raspberry PI Platform and The Challenges of Developing FreeBSD – Interview With Oleksandr Rybalko by Luca Ferrari

Luca Ferrari: Dear Oleksandr, could you please introduce yourself to the BSDMag readers? Oleksandr Rybalko: I’m a DevOps from Ukraine. A long time ago, somewhere in the year 2000, I began…


A Quick Cheat Sheet To The UNIX/MAC Terminal by Learn to Code With Me

Source: Learn to Code With Me


5 years of Swift – Explained Visually by SwiftStack

Source: learn.swiftstack

Human eye viewing data on virtual screen - Biometrics concept

How to Use eEye Retina On Red Hat/UNIX/Linux Systems by Rebecca Wynn

You can use eEye Retina on Red Hat/UNIX/Linux systems. In the article below, you can find some details how to make it. When auditing Red Hat/UNIX/Linux systems, Retina will attempt to…

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