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Apache_mod_rewrite Cheat Sheet

Source: Securitron Linux blog.


Python Cheat Sheet

Source: Securitron Linux blog.  


HardenedBSD Proactive Security Project by David Carlier

Oliver Pinter and Shawn Webb brought to life a security-centric distribution of FreeBSD called HardenedBSD. HardenedBSD aims to continuously implement kernel and userland hardening features, such as Address Space Layout Randomization…

opensourcedri 2

Open Source is Driving Innovation – Infographic by IBM

Source: IBM  

Worldwide Connection Showing Network Server And Searching

Running a Web Server via Rumprun Unikernel by David Carlier

Running a web server in a usual monolithic operating system alongside with other services is the usual scenario. However, a web server can have many potential vectors of attacks, DDOS,…


Ubuntu Linux Is Everywhere – Infographic by Canonical’s Dustin Kirkland

Source: Softpedia  

Information Technology Concept - Homo connectus

A Complete Guide to FreeNAS Hardware Design, Part I: Purpose and Best Practices by Josh Paetzel

A guide to selecting and building FreeNAS hardware, written by the FreeNAS Team, is long past overdue by now. For that, we apologize. The issue was the depth and complexity…


Why developers can’t say no to Node – Infographic by Engine Yard

Source: venturebeat.com  


The OpenBSD Foundation 2016 Fundraising Campaign

The OpenBSD Foundation needs your help to achieve our fundraising goal of $250,000 for 2016. Reaching this goal will ensure the continued health of the projects we support, will enable…


OS X vs Windows vs Linux: This Flow Chart Helps You Find the Best OS for Your Computing Needs – Infographics by ebuyer.com

Source: ebuyer.com

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