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Donations to The NetBSD Foundation

Your donation to the NetBSD Foundation allows the project to make major improvements to the code base. We would like to continue funded development in various areas of the system, including:

  • Improving network stack concurrency and performance.
  • Development of modern file systems and improvement of existing ones.
  • Features which are useful in embedded environments, for example, high resolution timers and execute in place (XIP) support.
  • Automatic testing and quality assurance.

We are inviting the NetBSD community and organizations using NetBSD to help us in achieving these goals. This fundraising drive is an excellent opportunity for everyone to contribute to the NetBSD project and to help us improve NetBSD.

Please read below for more information how to donate. Thank you for supporting the NetBSD project!

Why donations are important

The NetBSD Foundation is a non-profit organization that produces open source software, and has Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) status. This means that it has no regular source of income, instead it is relying on generous donations from third parties.

Funding for the NetBSD Foundation comes from a variety of sources. Organizations and individuals interested in NetBSD contribute money, hardware and rack space to support important NetBSD Foundation services, and to enable developers to support new hardware platforms and peripherals.

It’s important to understand that every donation matters. Without servers and rack space at colocation facilities, we would not be able to provide high-quality services such as regular builds and the various web and FTP services to our developers and users. Without donations of development hardware, we would not be able to support the huge range of platforms and peripherals we do today. Promotional work at events enables us to present our work to others and acquire new developers and users. Each of these functions is important to the ongoing health of the NetBSD Foundation.

So, whether you’re a Fortune 100 company shipping NetBSD in a product, a company running your web server on NetBSD, a home user with NetBSD on your desktop, or just someone who thinks NetBSD is cool — or all four — please consider donating something to the NetBSD Foundation.

There are, of course, other ways that both individuals and organizations can contribute to The NetBSD Foundation.

Making a donation to The NetBSD Foundation


Individuals who donate to the NetBSD foundation will have their name, website and email address displayed on the NetBSD website.

Corporate Sponsorship

The NetBSD Foundation has recognized the generosity of our corporate sponsors and are pleased to offer them the following options when donating to NetBSD.

  • Silver Sponsorship ($100 up to $1,000)
    • Company name (including a link to your website)
    • Contact email address
  • Gold Sponsorship ($1,001 up to $5,000)
    • Company name (including a link to your website)
    • Contact email address
    • Company logo (size not exceeding 150×350 pixels)
  • Platinum Sponsorship ($5,001 and more)
    • Company name (including a link to your website)
    • Contact email address
    • Company logo (size not exceeding 350×500 pixels)
    •  For companies that donate $10,001 and above, in addition to the benefits listed, your logo will be displayed on the home page of http://www.NetBSD.org/ Where more than one company takes this offer up, the logos will be rotated every 24 hours.


Source and how to donate: netbsd.org

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