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lscpu for OpenBSD/FreeBSD

There is a neat command, lscpu, which is very handy to display CPU information on GNU/Linux OS:

$ lscpu
Architecture:        x86_64
CPU op-mode(s):      32-bit, 64-bit
Byte Order:          Little Endian
CPU(s):              32
On-line CPU(s) list: 0-31
Thread(s) per core:  2
Core(s) per socket:  8
Socket(s):           2

But unfortunately, the BSD OSs lack this command, maybe one reason is lscpu relies heavily on /proc file system which BSD don’t provide, :-). TakeOpenBSD as an example, if I want to know CPU information, dmesg should be one choice:

# dmesg | grep -i cpu
cpu0 at mainbus0: apid 0 (boot processor)
cpu0: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8700 @ 2.53GHz, 2527.35 MHz
cpu0: 3MB 64b/line 8-way L2 cache
cpu0: apic clock running at 266MHz
cpu0: mwait min=64, max=64, C-substates=, IBE

But the output makes me feeling messy, not very clear. As for dmidecode, it used to be another option, but now can’t work out-of-box because it will access /dev/mem which for security reason, OpenBSD doesn’t allow by default (You can refer this discussion):

# ./dmidecode
# dmidecode 3.1
Scanning /dev/mem for entry point.
/dev/mem: Operation not permitted

Based on above situation, I want a specified command for showing CPU information for my BSD box. So in the past 2 weeks, I developed a lscpu program for OpenBSD/FreeBSD, or more accurately, OpenBSD/FreeBSD on x86 architecture since I only have some Intel processors at hand. The application getsCPU metrics from 2 sources:

(1) sysctl functions.
The BSD OSs provide sysctl interface which I can use to get general CPU particulars, such as how many CPUs the system contains, the byte-order of CPU, etc.

(2) CPUID instruction. For x86 architecture, CPUID instruction can obtain very detail information of CPU. This coding work is a little tedious and error-prone, not only because I need to reference both Intel and AMD specifications since these 2 vendors have minor distinctions, but also I need to parse the bits of register values.

The code is here, and if you run OpenBSD/FreeBSD on x86 processors, please try it. It will be better you can give some feedback or report the issues, and I appreciate it very much. In the future if I have other CPUs resource, such as ARM or SPARC64, maybe I will enrich this small program.

September 22, 2017

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