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Interview with Abdorrahman Homaei

Can you tell our readers about yourself and your role nowadays?
Currently, I am busy with daily administration tasks and CoreBOX development which are getting harder and intense. Besides, I have a company located in Iran Silicon Valley and have to manage my enterprise.

How you first got involved with programming and the FreeBSD world?
About 12 years ago, I was an active and professional windows developer. Secure programming was what introduced me to the FreeBSD world. On FreeBSD, everything was orderly and documented. I think FreeBSD is the developers’ paradise. I wrote my first application on FreeBSD 12 years ago, and as you can imagine, there was no headache like windows, no undocumented API, and no crashing.

While having a wide field of expertise, please tell our readers on which area you put the most emphasis, and why?
In my view, security is the most important expertise irrespective of the OS you are using. It doesn’t matter how hard you interact with that OS, with shell or with 3D GUI, or who you are, if someone can hack you, then your business is not reliable and you are the loser. Hence, I put much emphasis on security since it is the most critical area.

What was your best work? What was the idea behind it? What was its purpose?
My best work was migrating my desktop to FreeBSD.. Using FreeBSD as desktop is so complicated. Every day, you face serious challenges but after a while, you will learn everything and be a geek.
Using FreeBSD as desktop teaches you how to solve any problem.

What is your the most interesting programming issue you have encountered, and why?
Migrating to FreeBSD was not easy. I was a device driver developer, but when you migrate to other OS(FreeBSD) and you cannot even work with its command line, it’s so hard to develop a simple application. Therefore, programming a device driver was impossible.

What tools do you use most often, and why?
CSH is my best friend because I can do everything in shell and it gives me a good feeling. I also frequently use shell utilities like SSH. When it comes to development, I use C++ , QT , and many more.

What was the most difficult and challenging implementation you’ve done so far? Could you give us some details?
I think you are talking about CoreBOX exactly. CoreBOX has a brilliant idea behind. Using FreeBSD as a role-based hypervisor is state of the art. In the beginning, you must choose your mechanism to control the hypervisor. You can create a web-based access or application access like many others. Selecting each one will force you to learn how to authenticate users, send and receive data.
CoreBOX neither uses web-based access nor a custom application. CoreBOX is clientless, and you can connect to virtual desktop.

Can you tell us more about your company?
My company’s name is “etesal amne sara tehran”. I have a 5 year old daughter, and I named the company after her name, Sara. My company is based in Iran Silicon Valley.
Our main domain is virtualization, and we use FreeBSD as our infrastructure.

What is CoreBOX?
CoreBOX is a Type-2 FreeBSD-Based High-Performance hypervisor, designed for building carrier-grade virtual infrastructure.
What future do you see for FreeBSD and other OSes? Can you tell us about your favorite features in the new releases?
It seems FreeBSD is more focused on single-board computers. Many companies like FreeBSD because of its liberal license. I hope we will see more from FreeBSD and NetBSD in IoT feature.
Support for the Allwinner A13 board has been added, and it’s interesting.

Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?
My goal is to add CoreBOX new features like adding new resource scheduler and auto-tuning.

What’s the best advice you can give to the BSD magazine readers?
FreeBSD is an enterprise-class operating system which is reliable and secure. The only way to learn FreeBSD is to install it on your desktop.

Thank you

January 16, 2018

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