Help for Admins

Change User Subscription


1. Go to Users

2. Enter username or email and Search

3. Select Role

  1. For paid subscribers please choose Role: Subscriber
  2. For free users set Role:Student

4. Select Membership Level

5. Set Expiry date

6. Save

Upload New Issue


1. Go to Downloads -> Add new

2. Enter title and post content

3. Upload file e.g pdf,ebook ( can upload multiple files using drag and drop)

4. Upload featured image

5. Select Category

  1. For paid issues please choose Issues
  2. For free issues set Free

6. Select who can download this file

  1. For free users : select Student*
  2. For paid members only select Subscriber*

7. Publish

Change Site Pop up


1. Go to OptinMonster ->create new pop-up or edit existing one

2. Select theme , Add text/ Customize Layout

3. Make sure popup is enabled-> go to OUTPUT and select checkbox: 

4. When Finished Save.

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