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Help DragonFly BSD to raise more money for the projects!


DragonFly is not yet incorporated as a non-profit, meaning no tax benefit is available for donating time or goods to the project. However, developers can still use your contributed hardware and you can make non-tax-deductible donations through PayPal.

Donating money

You can use the donate-button to make a non-tax-deductible donation through PayPal. The money received will be used to fund future hardware acquisitions by the project, code bounties and/or contract development and potentially to defer other ongoing costs. Matthew Dillon maintains primary ownership of this account. It is maintained as a segregated account and Matt will receive no compensation from donations. All donations go to the project. Donations may also be sent directly via PayPal to [email protected]

In the past we had a policy of adding links to this page for donations of $100 USD or greater, but as of mid-July 2014 we are suspending that policy because it really isn’t having the intended effect of promoting open-source projects.

Hardware Donations

Please email donations at dragonflybsd.org to make a request or when a request is filled, so that we may update this page. Requestors on this page should have at least one accepted contribution to DragonFly.

Donors, please contact the requestor directly (and CC: donations at dragonflybsd.org). You and the donating/receiving party must independently resolve any delivery issues. The DragonFly BSD Project is not responsible for any transactions.

Some tips on sending donated equipment through the mail: Mailing materials out of the country usually requires some sort of customs declaration. State clearly on any customs form that the equipment is used, is a gift to an individual and not a business, and the value of the equipment (usually less than $50 USD).
Adding www.dragonflybsd.org as a reference can also help, as this provides additional information for a curious customs officer. It also may help to repeat that information in a letter inside the packaging, in case it is opened or damaged.

Check out more here: DrangonFly BSD Project

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