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Using the FreeBSD’s Procstat API in a Web Context – The BSD Magazine

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Dear Readers,

We would like to introduce a new issue made by the BSD Team. This time you will deal with Unix and FreeBSD topics. You will learn more about the basic semantics of Unix United and you will learn how to start terminal in Unix.  Most of you know the FreeNAS very well so I would like to invite you to read the Expert says column and check “What’s the Difference Between TrueNAS and FreeNAS? Is TrueNAS Just FreeNAS Installed on a Server?” All your questions will be covered in this article written by Brett Davis. In this issue, we also continue to write about RaspberryPi and I hope you will find the article by Jerry Craft very useful and interesting for those of you who need and want to expand their knowledge on this topic. As always, I would like to thank you all for really great articles and your willingness to help me create this issue of BSD magazine.

Enjoy reading!
Ewa and BSD Team



BSD World Monthly News

BSD Team

This column presents the latest news coverage of breaking news events, product releases and trending topics of the BSD world.

Quiz For BSD Readers

Rob Somerville

Using the FreeBSD's Procstat API in a Web Context

David Carlier

Among the numerous specific features of FreeBSD, there is a famous command line to dump the statistics of the various current processes, procstat. Its internal API is fortunately exposed via the well named libprocstat library. Let's imagine we want to display it via a web page so for this article, we‘re going to use CppCms, one of the good quality C++ web development frameworks with the current FreeBSD 10.2 release version.

“What’s the Difference Between TrueNAS and FreeNAS? Is TrueNAS Just FreeNAS Installed on a Server?”

Brett Davis

If you look at the software feature list, there aren’t a ton of differences. So really....what’s the difference?

UNIX Basics

Samanvay Gupta

UNIX United is the architecture for a distributed system based on UNIX. Any program written for a normal UNIX system can be transparently extended to exploit the richer environment of UNIX United. As it relies on having a UNIX system beneath it, the implementation of UNIX United is called the Newcastle Connection. Samanvay explains the basic semantics of UNIX United and is followed by that of the architecture implied by the protocol between components in a UNIX United system, network basics and of a software structure appropriate to the architecture and the protocol.

UNIX - How To Start Terminal?

Nitin Kanoija

UNIX is a multiuser operating system which is available in many flavours, like Oracle Solaris, HP UNIX, IBM AIX, Free BSD, and MacOS. It was developed by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie at AT&T Bell Laboratories in the late 1960′s. In 1978, AT&T’s UNIX seventh edition was split off into Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). This version of the UNIX environment was sent to other programmers around the country, who added tools and code to further enhance BSD UNIX.

How About Some Raspberry Pi?

Jerry Craft

The love for figuring out how a computer functioned wasn’t part of the college application. Eben discovered kids were no longer writing programs and taking apart circuit boards. Instead, they were playing video games or using the family computers to update MySpace/Facebook posts. Kids didn’t have access to a computer they could blow up or really get into and discover how a computer functions. The hacking instinct was gone. Instead, kids going into college for computer science were “..consumers of computers.” (Mann)

With the latest successful hacking attempt on the edgy Ashley Madison dating site, what are the ethical and security implications as a new thinking infiltrates the deeper and darker sides of human nature?

Rob Somerville

How to Use eEye Retina On Red Hat/UNIX/Linux Systems

Rebecca Wynn

You can use eEye Retina on Red Hat/UNIX/Linux systems. In the article below, you can find some details how to make it.


BSD Magazine EPub
BSD Magazine PDF

August 29, 2015

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