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SSHLock – SSH on Steroids! – New BSD Mag Issue is OUT!

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Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for your patience this issue.

We hope you had an amazing holiday break with your friends and family. New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, so have an amazing night and a Happy New Year. Hopefully it will be better than 2016, which has been tough to all of us as World Citizens. But we are not here to talk about politics, celebrities or social issues. We are here to talk about BSD... a lot 😉 This issue is full of interviews we have been working on for the past couple of months and managed to complete them all in the same time.

First, though, we will begin with the news section and a  great article by Franck Porcher. Franck has been writing an article for our security issue and shared with us “SSHLock – SSH on Steroids!” Grab a cup of coffee, there is a lot to read.

Next we have “The Voicemail Scammers Never Got Past Our OpenBSD Greylisting” by Peter Hansteen, another article with a security-related subject, this time on OpenBSD.

Now, let’s move on to the main section of this issue: interviews! We will begin with a great interview with Deb Goodkin, Executive Director of the FreeBSD Foundation. This interview has been very close to our hearts because the FreeBSD Foundation was waiting to reach their financial goal, and they still hadn’t met it at the time of the interview.

The next interview you will read is with Shawn Webb, who we had an interview with around two years ago as well. It’s been great to talk to him again, as he is so devoted to Open Source projects.

Our next interview is with Henning Brauer, who has been an OpenBSD developer for 14 years and CEO of BS Web Services for 20 years now. So, if you haven’t heard about his company, this interview is a must read for you.

We are so happy to have another woman as our interviewee in this issue, Mathilde Ffrench, founder of echinopsii. Mathilde shared a lot of details with us about their project, Ariane, a mapping automation framework.

iXsystems shared an article by Brad Meyer, Technical Marketing Engineer, called “VMware Storage DRS to the Rescue for Integrating TrueNAS Data Storage,” and we know you will love it.

The cherry on top of this issue is Rob’s Column and his thoughts about changes in the IT industry within the last 20 years. Rob, thank you and all the best for you from BSD Mag Team! We hope you will get better soon!

Dear Readers, all the best for you as well! Have a happy, favorable and peaceful New Year!

Marta & BSD Team



BSD World Monthly News                                      

by Marta Ziemianowicz

This column presents the latest news coverage of events, product releases and trending topics.


SSHLock – SSH on Steroids!                

by Franck Porcher, PhD

Whether locally, through an attached terminal, or remotely via SSH, standard access to computers has not evolved much in the last 40 years in spite of continuous technological advances. They still heavily rely on the traditional password-based authentication mechanism which, acting as the unique “protective door” between the world and the computer's valuable vault, most unfortunately represents a single point of failure.  


The Voicemail Scammers Never Got Past Our OpenBSD Greylisting                 

by Peter Hansteen

We usually don't see much of the scammy spam and malware, but when we went looking for them, we found a campaign where our OpenBSD greylisting setup was 100% effective in stopping the miscreants' messages.


Interview with Deb Goodkin     

by Marta Ziemianowicz, Marta Strzelec & Marta Sienicka

Interview with Shawn Webb     

by Marta Ziemianowicz, Marta Strzelec & Marta Sienicka

Interview with Henning Brauer     

by Marta Ziemianowicz, Marta Strzelec & Marta Sienicka

Interview with Mathilde Ffrench           

by Marta Ziemianowicz, Marta Strzelec & Marta Sienicka


VMware Storage DRS to the Rescue for Integrating TrueNAS Data Storage                     

by Brad Meyer 

Integrating a new data storage system into an existing VMware environment can challenge even the most experienced administrator. How do you integrate the new storage into VMware while minimizing operational impact? Which VMs should move to the new storage? How do you ensure that you do not overload one storage system over another? How do I retire an older storage system without impacting my VMware environment? How much time does it take to manage these decisions? VMware Storage DRS is the answer.

Rob’s Column                                   

by Rob Somerville

More than 30 years have passed since he first typed at a computer keyboard. Rob Somerville looks back over the major changes in the IT industry and enquires what will be the next revolution on the horizon.

11_2016 (88).pdf
11_2016 (88).ibooks
11_2016 (88)epub1.epub
11_2016 (88).epub
11_2016 (88).jpg

6 responses on "SSHLock – SSH on Steroids! - New BSD Mag Issue is OUT!"

  1. Congratulations on being on-the-moment for needed answers for 2017! More and merry sources all!

  2. You know that you’re just placing the new cover on top of the old cover without deleting the old cover. There are like 12 covers underneath this cover and its freaking pdf readers out. (for several issues now)

    • Yes, because we are using one template. I don’t have any problems in any of the files. Do you open it on the computer or a reader?

      • It’s not that there are problems to view, it’s just that rendering is done calculating the display of several images. The cover is not efficient. On Nitro Reader in Windows it shows like a video where the last image is the last cover.

      • Hi Marta, unfortunately I have very long initial render times with evince on Fedora. Once rendered, navigation is normal, other than that, it looks like a great issue and I look forward to digging in! one request: an issue naming scheme like “BSDmag”+”issue number”+”Lead Topic” or ISO-8601_date+”BSDmag”+vol+num – just something that auto-sorts to sequence and identifies as your publication would be a great help – thx

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