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SSH Hardening with Google Authenticator and OpenPAM, ZFS Feature Flags, DevOps …

BSD Magazine 5/2017 (93) (iBooks)
BSD Magazine 5/2017 (93) (PDF)

Dear Readers,

It is nice to meet you again and present to you with the next BSD issue. I hope you will find the articles interesting and eventually learn many useful tips and tricks. This time, I want to focus on short but useful hints that will help you in your daily tasks. Enjoy reading and share your thoughts with me.
As always, I would like to thank you all for submitting great articles and willingness to help me create this issue of BSD magazine.

Enjoy reading!
Ewa and the BSD Team


In Brief
Ewa & The BSD Team
This column presents the latest news coverage of breaking news events, product releases and trending topics from BSD.


ZFS Feature Flags
Natalia Portillo
Feature flags are a list of features that can be created by any implementation of ZFS, and can be in three states: disabled, enabled or active. Natalia will tell you more about them. By reading her article, you will learn more.

SSH Hardening with Google Authenticator and OpenPAM
Abdorrahman Homaei
Google Authenticator uses the Time-based One-time Password Algorithm (TOTP), which means taking advantages of a key and time to make a secret six digit code. In addition to your password, you’ll also need this code to login. The point is you don’t need to use the internet; all you need is synchronized time. This technique is called 2-Step Verification. In this article, we share about Google authenticator (phone app).

Debugging and Troubleshooting
Carlos Antonio Neira Bustos
Debugging/Troubleshooting is a useful skill when you are working in maintaining legacy applications by doing some small incremental changes to an old code base, where the code has been manipulated by so many users over the years, and it is becoming a mess. Also, the management had decided that the code works as it is, and you are not allowed to change it all over “the right way (tm)”. In this tutorial, I’m going to use a real life situation where debugging skills will save us time, headaches, and possibly find a solution with a minimal amount of effort.


Can DevOps Really Be Defined?
E.G Nadhan
DevOps is a way of life for people with the right mindset to embrace the culture of collaboration while scientifically automating the continuous delivery of software features with rigor and discipline of continuous integration, and a passion for continuous testing while using the power of standardized tooling to constantly monitor everything being done. Huh? You say?


WannaCry / Ransomware
Daniel Cialdella Converti
Daniel will try to explain in "a simple way" what happened (and will happen again) with WannaCry / Ransomware incidents which occurred the previous weeks. This is a text for non-technical people or laymen, or who may have been affected i.e the victims.

Static Sites Alongside Dokku on Digital Ocean
Henrik Nyh
If you set up Dokku with Digital Ocean’s one-click installer, you will have a dokku user home directory (/home/dokku), and a root user home directory (/root).
Neither seemed appropriate to store the static sites. Dokku makes assumptions about files stored in the Dokku home directory. And Nginx (the www-data user it runs as) can’t access stuff under /root. Never mind any security implications of using the root account for this.


Sapere Aude
Vitaly Repin
Vitaly still enlightens us on the belief that knowledge can help us to improve our life. He uses his blog to spread the knowledge and inspire readers to use the information contained therein. However, his preference to use photo and video sharing services in his blog should not be confused, his primary goal is still to share knowledge and NOT to share his life moments.


Interview with Daniel Cialdella Converti
Ewa & The BSD Team
As an I.T. person at work, I'm always resolving issues every day which are related to people's projects. This sounds obvious but recover/restore/mistakes are the big issues. I think 70% of my time I'm a fireman and 30% an architect.


The latest worldwide WannaCry malware attack crippled the British National Health Service for hours, delaying non-essential operations and shutting down accident and emergency departments. Now that the inevitable finger pointing exercise has begun, who should be held responsible?
Rob Somerville

BSD Magazine 5/2017 (93) (iBooks)
BSD Magazine 5/2017 (93) (PDF)

1 responses on "SSH Hardening with Google Authenticator and OpenPAM, ZFS Feature Flags, DevOps ..."

  1. Hi there BSD Mag,

    I’ve seen you have fiddled over the years with changing the filename of the monthly download.

    However, no format has yet been really convenient, for none never sorted naturally 🙁

    What about adopting the following format once for all, which DOES sort nicely using a simple ‘ls’ without resorting to anything particular : BSDMagazine-YYYY-MM-nnnn.{pdf,…},

    Something easily produced by resorting to the standard libc sprinf(3) and its derivatives, directly available in any modern language?

    For instance, in Perl, you would write :

    my ($year, $month, $issue_number, $filetype) = (2017, 5, 93, ‘pdf’);
    my $bsdmag_filename = sprintf “BSDMagazine-%04d-%02d-%03d.%s”, $year, $month, $issue_number, $filetype;
    print “$bsdmag_filenamen”;

    For this issue, this would produce the filename :

    Any BSD user would simply do a ‘ls BSD_mags/’ and have all his collection nicely sorted :
    1) by year first
    2) by month second
    (Issue number does not mean much)

    Only to easily check at a glance that no issue is missing 😉



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