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Samba, NFS and Firewall. New BSD Issue 2014

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Dear Readers,
I hope you had a great time with your family during the Christmas holiday and now you are waiting for 2015. This time, I don’t write what is inside this BSD issue and instead take advantage of the opportunity to wish you the next 365 days full of enjoyment, happiness, cheers, and unforgettable moments. May the New Year bring you more success, love and prosperity.


And, I would like to thank You: our Readers; all iXsystems Company Employees who support BSD magazine and me, as without them publishing of the BSD magazine would not be possible; authors; reviewers; proofreaders; BSD fans; and friends for your invaluable support and contribution.

Enjoy reading!
Ewa & BSD Team


FreeNAS Certification by BSD Team

DTrace, or Dynamic Tracing by Carlos Neira
DTrace, or dynamic tracing, was first available in Solaris 10 3/05 around 2005. DTrace is now available in FreeBSD beginning from 7.1 and Mac OS X from 10.5 (Leopard). DTrace differs from traditional tools in that code is instrumented dynamically (that means you can peek at the program without recompiling). You will learn how to use DTrace in FreeBSD, OSX, Solaris, and OpenSolaris.

Local File Sharing with Samba, NFS and Firewall by Ivan Voras
As opposed to how network file sharing is done in Windows, Samba works as an ordinary server process, similar to how the web server and other servers are implemented. There is nothing special about it and it is not significantly integrated into the operating system. You will learn more about the configuration of Samba, Windows file sharing protocols, as well as File sharing with NFS.

Python Flow Control Statements by Pedro Araujo
Let’s start with basic control flow statements. The first statement will be the if/elif/else. This is the most basic control flow statement you can have in Python. You will learn how Python initialises new objects, how to override Python’s built-in methods and types and how to get an instance’s attributes using the Python shell.

HardenedBSD, Always Ahead in Security by David Carlier
Currently, FreeBSD uses the RC4 stream cipher for the arc4random family functions, both on the kernel and userland side. These functions serve many purposes; for example, on the kernel side, they allow the creation of proper randomized processes id, the stack protection canaries, and the HardenedBSD Address Space Randomization Layout uses them as well.  You will learn more about the features of HardenedBSD.

Getting to Grips with the Gimp – Part 10 by Rob Somerville
In the final part in our series on the Gimp Rob will wrap up and take a look at how to further improve your Gimp experience.

“If you’re moving information into the cloud, it just seems to me that all kinds of nasty activity could go on in there. I would take a Missouri approach and say - prove it to me, show it to me - how it’s more secure” by Rob Somerville

Crossword for New Year by Rob Somerville

BSD Issue (.epub)
BSD Issue (.pdf)

December 31, 2014

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  1. What other configuration that can be set in order to optimize the NFS? If the application frequently reads and writes to NFS, how to benchmark it? Blogbench? How to optimize this NFS with this kind of situation.


  2. I wish you all @BSDMAG a very Happy New Year and a rock solid start for the 2015!

    With Best of Luck,


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