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Reusing the OpenBSD in Multi-Threaded User Space Programs

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Dear Readers,

Finally, we have a beautiful month of May. It’s warm, the sun is shining, plants and trees are blooming and we can enjoy all of that thanks to many public holidays. I hope that in your countries this month brings many days off as well as in Poland and Denmark. If some of them are still ahead of you, I hope this issue will make your time off more pleasant.

We will start with a very long “Adding ZFS to the FreeBSD dual-controller storage concept” by Mikhail E. Zakharov. Grab a cup of coffee!

The second article, “Secure VPNs with Gre and Strongswan for Small Business Networks with FreeBSD” by Antonio Francesco Gentile, will explain how, with secure, reliable, and confidential communication, it is possible to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of production processes.

Now it is time for OpenBSD. Here you will read about “Reusing the OpenBSD arc4random in multi-threaded user space programs” by Sudhi Herle. Upgrade your OpenBSD to the latest version and start your testing.

Would you like to know “HOWTO install the XFCE 4.12 Desktop on NetBSD 7”? Curt McIntosh will show you how!

A lot of BSDs in this issue, huh? Well, here is the last one. It’s George Bungarzescus' debut article about GhostBSD. Enjoy “FreeBSD flavors. Do we need it? Today...GhostBSD - A (not too deep) journey to GhostBSD - desktop and enterprise options - compared to pure FreeBSD”.

Fernando Rodríguez, Co-founder of KeepCoding told us in the interview about his school, learning to program and that it pays off to be hard working.

And in the end, as always, Rob Somerville and his comment on copyright infringement.

Enjoy the whole issue and beautiful long days in May!

Marta & BSD Team



BSD World Monthly News

by Marta Ziemianowicz

This column presents the latest news coverage of breaking news events, product releases and trending topics.


Adding ZFS to the FreeBSD Dual-Controller Storage Concept   

by Mikhail E. Zakharov

We should name our small project. Something in honor of Beastie the daemon and the large BSD operating system family should be reasonable, so let’s call our storage project the BeaST or even shorter, the BST.

The environment for our testing purposes will be similar to previous ones. It is still my laptop which runs Oracle VM VirtualBox and a USB memory-stick to store shareable virtual drives and slow down their IO.

The FreeBSD Corner

Secure VPNs with Gre and Strongswan for Small Business Networks with FreeBSD   

by Antonio Francesco Gentile 

Communication is a competitive advantage for any company. With secure, reliable, and confidential communication it is possible to reduce costs, and improve the efficiency of production processes. In this article we will see how to implement them in FreeBSD.


Reusing the OpenBSD arc4random in Multithreaded User Space Programs  

by Sudhi Herle

Recently, a friend asked me for some help in speeding up crypto operations in her multi-threaded (pthreads) Linux program. She was using the standard /dev/urandom interface to generate random bytes. And, profiling showed that reading from /dev/urandom took a lot of time.  I recalled that OpenBSD folks have a high quality userspace cryptographic random number generator called arc4random.  But to the best of my knowledge, it was not generally available for use in any Linux program. And so, it seemed like an excellent weekend project to create a portable version of the OpenBSD arc4random(3) generator for use in multi-threaded programs.


HOW TO install the XFCE 4.12 Desktop on NetBSD 7    

by Curt McIntosh

For a lightweight functional desktop on NetBSD, install XFCE. As root, perform the following steps. This covers 32 and 64 bit x86 hardware. Since NetBSD essentially runs on everything, simply adjust the repository path to your architecture from the list...


FreeBSD flavors. Do we Need Them? Today...GhostBSD 

by George Bungarzescu

A  (not too deep) journey to GhostBSD - desktop and enterprise options - compared to pure FreeBSD


Interview with Fernando Rodríguez, Co-founder of KeepCoding                     

by Marta Ziemianowicz, Marta Strzelec & Marta Sienicka 


by Rob Somerville

Baroness Neville-Rolfe DBE CMG, in the recently released UK government document “Criminal Sanctions for Online Copyright Infringement” mandates a 10 year prison sentence for serious instances of copyright infringement. This intends to bring the penalties in line with those found guilty of copyright breaches in respect to physical goods. Will this amendment help to reduce piracy?

04_2016 (80).pdf
04/2016 (80)_Calibre.epub
04/2016 (80).epub2
04/2016 (80).epub1
04/2016 (80).jpg
04/2016 (80).ibooks

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    • It’s coming. I’ll try to create pub to this issue, but it has to be put together in word, so it won’t be looking that nice, but it will be readable 😉 Should be uploaded on the web page after weekend 😉

  2. The download file names (on the left from green Downloads buttons) looks weird. “martaziemianowicz” for ibooks format? Really?

  3. The pdf doesn’t look right: document’s page 66 looks like one from the previous issue (the whole page). In the zfs article, doc’s page 16, besides the figure 1, there is an unexpected section about unikernels (IIRC it’s from one of the previous issues, too).

  4. Thanks Marta! Love the magazine 🙂

    • pdf is a second file. Name of the file is keep on changing, I don’t know why as I always check, if its right in a system before updating the site. We are working on checking, why one of the files always change its name.

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  6. On my iPad Air 2, I tried the .ibooks format and it complains about the TITLE not saving. I tried the .epub1 and it was not very legible formatting on this device. The .epub2 file seems to work ok.

  7. Neither of the epub files looks good. Only quarter pages being displayed in many cases, especially advertisements. One some pages, the fonts look fine, on most, the fonts are incredibly pixelated. It’s mostly not usable.

  8. Thanks a lot Marta! The pdf format works fine for me since day one. Be well!.

  9. how can i buy the printed copy ?

    • Hello 🙂 Unfortunately, we don’t provide printed copies. BSD Mag is available for free, so there is no budget and no interest in paying for paper copy, if the whole content is available for free on the web page. So we don’t plan to have it.

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