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Open Storage Issue – New BSD Mag is Out!

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Dear Readers,

The holiday season is almost over. We have only one “holiday” left this month - Valentine's Day. Do you count it as a holiday? Do you celebrate other holidays this month? Let us know, we love to learn more about you!

You will not find hearts in this issue. You don’t have to expect red and pink colours either, but if you like to celebrate the holiday of love, I would like to wish you an amazing time with beloved ones.

Moving on to the issue, this time we would like to focus on the subject of open storage. Check out contents below!

Here, I would also like to apologise to you for changing the names of the files. We have been trying to systematise it and we have decided that naming them by numbers, not by months will be the best way. So that's how it will be from now and please, don't get annoyed by that any more 😉

Enjoy your reading!

Marta & BSD Mag Team



BSD World Monthly News

by Marta Ziemianowicz

This column presents the latest news coverage of breaking news events, products releases and trending topics.


Interview with Matt Olander from iXsystems

by Marta Ziemianowicz, Marta Strzelec and Marta Sienicka

Interview with Guilem Veiga from AWS

by Marta Ziemianowicz, Marta Strzelec and Marta Sienicka

Interview with Eren Niazi from Open Source Storage

by Marta Ziemianowicz, Marta Strzelec and Marta Sienicka

Interview with Bo Møller from HTML24

by Marta Ziemianowicz, Marta Strzelec and Marta Sienicka


Technology Trends in 2016

by Dr Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon.com

Technology and software is becoming integrated into every aspect of our personal and business lives and every year this integration gets deeper and deeper. Given the pervasiveness of technology in our lives, it is hard to cover all the trends that are impacting us, but in this article I will focus on a few we are seeing have an immediate effect on our customers around the world and what we can expect to see in the coming year. These trends are focused on simplification and how it is becoming easier for businesses to build highly effective applications that are secure and reliable and deliver great scalability and performance at the lowest possible cost.


To SLOG or not to SLOG: How to best configure your ZFS Intent Log

by Mark VonFange

In the world of storage, caching can play a big role in improving performance. OpenZFS offers some very powerful tools to improve read and write performance. To improve read performance, ZFS utilizes system memory as an Adaptive Replacement Cache (ARC), which stores your file system’s most frequently and recently used data in your system memory.

FreeBSD and FreeNAS in Business

by Randy Westlund

My father owns Charlotte Tent & Awning, a small business with about 30 employees, selling canvas and metal awnings to a wide variety of customers, from homeowners to massive shopping centers and sports stadiums. I'm going to tell you how FreeBSD and FreeNAS came to play a critical role in his business.

FreeNAS Home Server Build Article

by John Ramsden

I've spent the last couple months configuring and setting up a new home server, with the intent of using it as a storage and media server.


7 Best Practices for Your Enterprise’s Journey to the Cloud

Attibruted to Stephen Orban, Head of Enterprise Strategy at AWS

This article serves as an introduction to my new thinking, and lays out seven best practices I’ve seen in enterprises that are delivering results on their Journey. I’ll dive deeper into each best practice and talk about some of the things I’ve seen work (and not work) for each as this series comes together. Because the cloud is disrupting the way IT is delivered and consumed, you have a tremendous opportunity to scrutinize and rethink the way IT operates in your organization.

Cloud is Changing how Security Professionals and Enterprises Think about Innovation

Attributed to Steve Schmidt, Chief Information Security Officer, Amazon Web Services

Think of your stereotypical security professional in your IT department. Usually extremely intelligent, risk averse, dashing good looks (if I do say so myself...) and the first person to shut down any new idea within an organisation.


Model View Whatever - Forms and Controls influence

by Damian Czernous

In the '70s, engineers mostly worked on creating and manipulating widgets. The MVC seems to be the right structure for that task. Model fits the need of storing data related to the single widget. View renders graphical representation of the widget with data. Widgets communicate with each other through the model. The model using Observer Synchronisation broadcasts any changes to all interested widgets (views), so they can update. Separated Presen- tation and Observer Synchronisation are key mechanisms of MVC widely accepted by the engineering community.


With the recent revelations that Steve Jobs and many others in Silicon Valley consumed psychedelics to aid creativity, has the Valley finally sunk to the levels of other business sectors?

by Rob Somerville

01/2016 (77).pdf
1/2016 (77).epub
1/2016 (77).ibooks
01/2016 (77).jpg

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