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HardenedBSD – BSD 2014

BSD (PDF 2014)
BSD (ePub 2014)

Let's take a look at what you will read in this issue of BSD. First, our experts will instruct you on how to install and configure a dedicated web server. Afterwards, we will head to our series of 100+ Unix Commands and Find out About System Configuration. Last but not least, we will learn all about the proactive project for boosting FreeBSD security, HardenedBSD, and much more. Check out this issue for more articles and tutorials.

In details

HardenedBSD – Proactive Security Project
Oliver Pinter and Shawn Webb brought to life a security-centric distribution of FreeBSD called HardenedBSD. HardenedBSD aims to continuously implement kernel and userland hardening features, such as Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR), protect hardening and many more. In this clause, we hash out all about the HardenedBSD Project illustrated with C++ simple codes.

100+ Unix Commands – Finding Out About System Configuration
Some of the other areas that we want to check when testing the security of a *NIX system are detailed in this section. The primary goal should be to take what was learned in the preceding sections and create checklists and scripts to help us initiate this process. In this article, Craig S. Wright presents some of the key objectives in testing a system using the CLI.

How to Install and Configure a Web Server
The goal of this article is to walk the reader through installing and configuring the Apache and PHP servers. This article introduces the roles of Apache and PHP and a step by step guide from configuring the Apache and PHP servers to Configuring a simple web site.

Working with Core Dumps in GDB
A core dump or core file is produced when a signal (man signal) indicates that it is not possible to continue executing the program because of an error (for example SIGSEV). A core file contains the current state of the program when it was executed (the stack of each thread, the contents of the CPU registers, the values of global and static variables, etc...) If we are lucky and the program that dumped core was compiled with debug options, the core file will have information about the source code and lines.

Getting to grips with the Gimp – Part 8
The Gimp currently supports a number of add-ons: Brushes, Gradients, Patterns, Palettes, Fonts, Scripts and Plug-ins. Adding an extra resource is simplicity itself, once the desired add-on has been found. In this eighth part in our series on the Gimp, we will look deeply at how to extend the Gimp with extra add-­ons.

UK Government Is To Put Trolls in Jail For Up To Two Years
Trolling, the deliberate posting of offensive or controversial comments via Forums, Facebook, Twitter etc. is not a new phenomena on the big nasty inter-web. The phrase “Don't feed the trolls” (DFTT) has been around for quite a while. But what is the psychology behind this desperate and compulsive act? Let's find out in this article.

BSD (PDF 2014)
BSD (ePub 2014)

December 2, 2014

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