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New BSD Issue: BSD -CURRENT is Usable Daily

BSD -CURRENT is Usable Daily Issue 2015 - EPUB
BSD -CURRENT is Usable Daily Issue 2015 - PDF

Dear Readers,

Nice to meet you again. Now, you are going to read the next issue from BSD magazine.


BSD -CURRENT is Usable Daily
David Carlier

Running the development branch of a *BSD daily might sound scary. Indeed, this is basically the experimentations' land and this use case seems to apply only to BSD developers—the internal APIs might suddenly change because they need to, some bugs can be fixed. But some new ones can be introduced without notice ... Although that, in general, the community is quite reactive and fixes them fairly quickly. David will explain the reasons of using what is called the -CURRENT branches.

Installing the E-mail Servers and the Webmail Interface
Ivan Voras

The goal of this article is to walk you through the installation and the basic configuration of Postfix, one of the most popular SMTP servers, and SpamAssassin, which will be used for basic e-mail filtering.

The Basics of The GDB Debugger
Carlos Neira

To be able to inspect a program more easily, we need to have the symbol table available for the program we intend to debug. This is accomplished using the –g flag of the compiler we are going to use (we could also debug it without the –g flag but it is really cumbersome sometimes). In our case, we will use FreeBSD 10 as the platform and the clang compiler that comes with it.

Expert Says...A Complete Guide to FreeNAS Hardware Design, Part I: Purpose and Best Practices
Josh Paetzel

A guide to selecting and building FreeNAS hardware, written by the FreeNAS Team, is long past overdue by now. For that, we apologize. The issue was the depth and complexity of the subject, as you will see by the extensive nature of this four part guide, due to the variety of ways FreeNAS can be utilized.

Has the technology sector finally slid into the realm of used car salesmen, lawyers and ambulance chasers
Rob Somerville

Information Security Analytics. Simulations and Security Processes
Mark Ryan Talabis, Robert McPherson, Inez Miyamoto and Jason L. Martin

Information Security Analytics gives you insights into the practice of analytics and, more importantly, how you can utilize analytic techniques to identify trends and outliers that may not be possible to identify using traditional security analysis techniques.

We would like to express our gratitude to our experts who contributed to this publication and invite others to cooperate with our magazine.

Enjoy reading,
Ewa & BSD Team

BSD -CURRENT is Usable Daily Issue 2015 - EPUB
BSD -CURRENT is Usable Daily Issue 2015 - PDF

March 3, 2015

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  1. I appear to have no account with which to download the issue even though i have a paid subscription.



  2. Personally, I don’t like the idea of keeping any (personal) data and files in the Cloud, but it’s great news that FreeBSD runs on Amazon EC2. How could you sutasin a blog (freebsdnews.net) if you don’t like the idea of keeping any data on INTERNET? The only difference between the Cloud infrastructure and the normal hosting services is that on Cloud concept the infrastructure is sold as a service (IaaS), and in this case the end user of this service is a sys admin.I’m just trying to understand if your concern is about the concept as a whole or the idea of hosting files on the internet itself.

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