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Nearly Online Zpool Switching Between Two FreeBSD Machines

BSD Magazine 4/2017 (iBook)
BSD Magazine 4/2017 (PDF)

Dear Readers,

So, we meet again. I hope you had a great time and April was a fruitful month for you. Since all of you follow the latest news from the open-source world and there were at least some successes in the field, I think it is worth mentioning the OpenBSD release. The OpenBSD 6.1 release has a few significant changes. The most visible features are a new syspatch(8) utility for binary base system updates to supported -stable amd64 and i386 releases; the acme-client, enhancements to vmm(4), new arm64 platform, new xenodm(1) X display manager and many more. Now, thanks to all these features, you can run the OS efficiently. Also, thanks to Albert Hui, you can learn more about these features and widen your knowledge about OpenBSD release. Albert selected the most significant changes and covered them extensively in his article. You will definitely enjoy the read. I would like to bring to your attention what we prepared for you and the contents of this BSD issue. For FreeBSD fun, I have three articles. As usual, I must include an emergent typical security topic. Also, being in the security world, you shouldn’t miss the interview with Babar Khan Akhunzada, the founder of SecurityWall. Another author worth mentioning to you is Daniel Miessler and his blog. Lastly, I would like to invite you to read the column by Rob Somerville. It is always good reading, kind of like a “dessert.”
I hope we will share again in a month’s time. We’re always here for you!

Best regards,
Ewa & The BSD Team


Ewa & The BSD Team
This column presents the latest news coverage of breaking news events, product releases and trending topics of the new stories from BSD.

DevOps with Chef on FreeBSD
Arun Tomar
Chef is a powerful automation platform that transforms infrastructure into code. Also, it’s supported by almost all major Linux, Unix, Windows, cloud and container platforms. Read and learn more about it from the article
by Arun Tomar.

OpenBSD 6.1 New Features
Albert Hui
The recently released OpenBSD 6.1 is a major release and contains updates.This article will cover all the significant changes and features of the new release.

Nearly Online Zpool Switching Between Two FreeBSD Machines
Mikhail E. Zakharov
Although this experiment looks like a rough example of the fail-over/fail-back procedures for ZFS data pools, it is actually a breakthrough for our storage system development. After several enhancements to support reliability and workload balancing, we will use two storage pools (one pool per controller) in conjunction with the BeaST Quorum to automate zpool switching between both active controllers. Learn from Mikhail Zakharov on how to achieve this.

GUI Programming in FreeBSD with Perl/Tk
Abdorrahman Homaei
There are many solutions to GUI programming in FreeBSD, like JavaFX, QTCreator or U++. However, using Perl and Tk(PTk) is low dependency, fast and geek-style. Sometimes it’s better to get our hands dirty than
debug code constantly. Find out more with Abdorrahman Homaei.

Become FreeBSD User: Find Useful Tools
David Carlier
FreeBSD has made tremendous improvements over the years to fill the gaps in Linux. Whereas it still keeps its interesting specificities, there would not be many blockers if your projects are reasonably sized to consider
a migration to FreeBSD.

OpenSSH Jump Server with 2FA
Leonardo Neves Bernardo
SSH is the most convenient way to log in a remote UNIX-like machine and execute commands. Used virtually in every Unix-like box, SSH became one of the most known targets for people that usually try to invade our systems. This article will discuss how to create a secure OpenSSH Jump server with a two-factor authentication.

Daniel Miessler’s Blog
Daniel Miessler
The goal of A vim Tutorial and Primer tutorial is to take you through every stage of progression—from understanding the vim philosophy (which will stay with you forever), to surpassing your skill with your current editor, and finally becoming “one of those people.”

Interview with Babar Khan Akhunzada
Marta & The BSD Team
Basically, SecurityWall is a team of young Security Researchers & Security Experts. They have been working in this field for years, and are also acknowledged by many high profile companies on their security knowledge.


The personal computer user interface has come a long way since the day of toggle switches and LEDs. Despite all the technological advances, end users still struggle in operating software despite displays that support millions of colors and innovative software controls. What is the secret to a good GUI?
Rob Somerville

BSD Magazine 4/2017 (iBook)
BSD Magazine 4/2017 (PDF)

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  1. This should be “Issue 04/2017 (92)”, correct?

  2. What happened to the .epub format? PDF is terrible and not book like at all. ibook format is specific to Apple products. epub can be read on all devices and fit a book or magazine format. I have been downloading your magazines for years now so my copies of them have always been .epub due to the fact that there is a clickable table of contents and a more analog book like interface. It would be nice if you would continue this tradition.

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