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MINIX 3 Free, Open-Source, Operating System, Highly Reliable, Flexible and Secure

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Dear Readers,

The summer holiday season is almost behind us. We hope you have been having a great time. At BSD Mag, we have been working hard to serve you the content that will interest and benefit you the most. We have sent a couple of requests for you to let us know what topics have been the most interesting for you. We will try to find articles on those topics to help you find the answers you are looking for. So, if you have something in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope that you haven’t missed out on the “BSD Special - Best of David Carlier” Issue. If so, go to our web page and download your free copy right away.

Now, let’s dive into this issue. Everything about MINIX was one of the topic requests we received from you. That’s why, after the News section, you will find two articles about MINIX, which will introduce to you this project:  “MINIX 3 - Free, Open Source, Operating System, Highly Reliable, Flexible, and Secure” by Mauro Risonho de Paula Assumpção and MINIX - A Class-Based Operating System by Rafael Santiago de Souza Netto.

Next, you will find another great article by Mikhail E. Zakharov, ”Optimizing In-Memory Cache of the BeaST Architecture” about The BeaST - the new FreeBSD based, dual-headed, reliable, storage system.

Regarding storage, “Deploy Docker Swarm Cluster on One Host” by Nan Xiao will help you with building a Docker Swarm cluster on one host. This tutorial will provide a detailed guide of the process. We have been very interested in HardenedBSD recently, and you can expect more articles about the project in the near future. In this issue, you will find “Fixing Failing Ports for Hardened/LibreBSD” by Bernard Spil. Let us know if you are interested in more HardenedBSD and LibreBSD articles in upcoming issues.

Great as always, is Mark VonFange and his 3rd part of “FreeNAS Getting Started Guide: Part 3, Manual Configuration”.  Grab a coffee and get ready for a lot of great content.

From Damian Czernous we have received an introduction to the new series “User Story from the OO Architecture Point of View”. Obviously, it’s not very BSD-related, so let us know what you think about it and if you would like to see the other parts in upcoming issues.

And in the end, Rob Somerville, as always. Read this month’s column about technology that (maybe) went too far.

Marta & BSD Team



BSD World Monthly News                                       

by Marta Ziemianowicz

This column presents the latest news coverage of events, product releases and trending topics.


MINIX 3 Free, Open-Source, Operating System, Highly Reliable, Flexible, and Secure.            

by Mauro Risonho de Paula Assumpção

MINIX 3 was publicly announced on 24 October 2005 by Andrew Tanenbaum during his keynote speech at the ACM Symposium Operating Systems Principles conference. Although it still serves as an example for the new edition of Tanenbaum and Woodhull's textbook, it is comprehensively redesigned to be "usable as a serious system on resource-limited and embedded computers and for applications requiring high reliability."

MINIX - A Class-Based Operating System       

by Rafael Santiago de Souza Netto

This first article intends to introduce the MINIX Operating System, as well as talk about some basic technical and historical aspects involved with it. Also, it will include some general details about MINIX. In addition, you will learn more about Operating Systems in general.


Optimizing In-Memory Cache of the BeaST Architecture       

by Mikhail E. Zakharov

The BeaST is the new FreeBSD based dual-headed reliable storage system concept. Recently, we implemented both ZFS and in-memory cache in our architecture. After this last improvement, the BeaST system has become quite complex compared to its predecessors.


Fixing Failing Ports for Hardened/LibreBSD      

by Bernard Spil

HardenedBSD ran an exp-run with LibreSSL in base. This was expected to uncover a lot of issues where ports check the OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER to determine if a feature is available. To my surprise, it only uncovered 12 ports that failed due to these version checks.


Deploy Docker Swarm Cluster on One Host     

by Nan Xiao 

Sometimes, you just want to learn the internal mechanics of Docker Swarm, but, unfortunately, there is only one Linux box at hand, and you don’t want to bother to install Virtual Machines on it. In this scenario, you certainly can build a Docker Swarm cluster on one host, and this tutorial will provide a detailed guide.


Using ZFS to Fight Data Rot  

by Kevin McAleer

Previously, I wrote an article for BigAdmin about why I chose the ZFS file system to ensure my data was safe: “How I Used Solaris OS and ZFS to Solve My Mac OS X Storage Problem.”


FreeNAS Getting Started Guide: Part 3, Manual Configuration                    

by Mark VonFange

This article series is intended to serve as an introductory guide to assist FreeNAS users in planning, installation, configuration and administration for their FreeNAS storage systems. This month’s article will cover basic configuration and administration tasks within the FreeNAS User Interface.


User Story From the OO architecture Point of View                

by Damian Czernous

A good user story lays a great foundation for future work and shows engineering awareness of the team. For example, short sentences that follow deductive reasoning (top-down strategy) better corresponds with the way of ensuring object oriented architecture. How? In OO (Object Oriented) architecture, every method works in the context of its class. Every class works in the context of its package, and so on… The good OO architecture forms sentences starting from the top package to the bottom method..

Rob’s Column                                 

by Rob Somerville

With current advances in technology and systems, has the sector reached the point of consuming itself?

07_2016 (84).epub1
07_2016 (84).epub
07_2016 (84).ibooks
07_2016 (84).pdf
07_2016 (84).jpg

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  1. You may have a problem with your download permissions system. As a logged user, if I try to download from iPad (Chrome browser) I get permission-denied.txt. If I try to download from Windows 7 (Chrome browser), I have no problems. The problem appears to be always reproducible.

  2. Hi, i am getting a 10KB-15KB/sec DL speed, though i’m sitting on a 100mbit fibre network in London. I wonder if the bottleneck is on your side?

  3. Hi Marta … it would be nice if the downloaded pdf could include index as well.

  4. Q: Ever consider renaming these files with the year first (e.g. 2016_07 (84))? Would sort in chronological order.

    • Sorry, I approved the comments and forgot to answer 😉
      Hmm, would you like to have the most important terms highlight or explained? Or with the reference to the right page?

      Regarding files name, probably would make sense 😉 But we have been having so many negative comments overtime we have been changing the file names that I would prefer to keep it as it is.
      Maybe somebody else will let us know his thoughts? Does it make a difference for you?

      • Linked page references in the TOC is standard.

        Regarding file names, workaround is to place each issue in its own named folder on your desktop. Sorry this was a sticky point.

  5. All my epub readers report these epub files corrupt and can’t view the epub covers. Is there a fix?

    • We have been looking for different solutions to create epubs, but nothing really work well. If the epub works on one reader, it doesn’t work on the other. We have given up on this problem.

  6. I would like to read much more on OpenBSD.

    Great number as usual.

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