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Military Grade Data Wiping In FreeBSD With BCWipe

The BSD Magazine 9/2017(97) (iBooks)
The BSD Magazine 9/2017(97) (PDF)

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During such rainy days, I presume we all have a lot of time to read more and more. I hope so, and I wish that.
However, I know that you are very busy at work, therefore, the weather is not a good indicator to reach this
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In Brief
Ewa & The BSD Team
This column presents the latest news coverage:
breaking news, events, product releases, and
trending topics from the BSD sector.

Military Grade Data Wiping In FreeBSD With BCWipe
Abdorrahman Homaei
You will not only learn how to install BCWipe, but also to install BCWipe With Multithreaded Mode Enabled. You will also know more about BCWipe advanced features and BCWipe in action.

HAMMER File System Volumes Management and Pseudo File Systems Mirroring in DragonFlyBSD
George Siju
In DragonFlyBSD, the HAMMER filesystem allows us to perform functions akin to Logical Volume Management in Linux like adding and removing volumes from Volume Group or Pools, creating
Logical Volumes with separate file systems, taking Logical Volume snapshot, etc.

Transparent Flow Mapping for NEAT
Felix Weinrank
The NEAT library provides application developers with a unified and platform-independent API for
network communication, regardless of the underlying network protocol. Felix describes an
approach to integrate multiplexing functionality into the NEAT library, giving application developers a
simple way to use the benefits of mapping multiple data streams to a single transport connection without additional coding effort.

Advanced Unix Queuing Techniques
Mark Sitkowski
Following the discussion of some of the types of queuing mechanisms available on Unix, it may be beneficial to examine the design of a queuing system, loosely modeled on that used by IBM, in its WebSphere MQ Series.

OpenBSD From a Veteran Linux User Perspective 50
Carlos Fenollosa
For the first time, I installed a BSD box on a machine I controlled. The experience has been eye-opening,
especially since I consider myself an "old-school" Linux admin, and I've felt out of place with the latest
changes on system administration.

Interview with Felix Weinrank 
Ewa & The BSD Team
Felix Weinrank is a computer scientist from Germany. He is currently a Ph.D student in the
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Münster University of Applied Sciences.

COLUMN: The gig economy giant, Uber, has had its operating license suspended by Transport for London. Apart from concerns over the way the company operates, a more sinister reference was made to Greyball software, which effectively tricks law enforcement and those of which Uber does not wish to deal with. Where should the line be drawn between good practice and deception?
Rob Somerville

The BSD Magazine 9/2017(97) (iBooks)
The BSD Magazine 9/2017(97) (PDF)

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