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Lumina Desktop Customization Frameworks – New BSD Mag Issue is Out!

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Dear Readers,

Huge apology for the delay. We hope that the articles in this issue will compensate for the waiting time.

We are heading towards Autumn and through most of the BSD convention season. Did you participate? What did you like the most?

We also have a couple of new updates and changes in our BSD World Monthly News section, like PC-BSD changing its name to TrueOS. We will start off this issue with the recent release of Lumina version 1.0.0 and Ken Moore’s “Lumina Desktop Customization Frameworks” article about it.

If you liked our previous issue and articles about MINIX, we have something for you. Rafael Santiago de Souza Netto shared his second article on the subject, “Minix - A Class-Based Operating System.”

Next, you will find the last article in a series by Mikhail E. Zakharov, entitled “Using SSD as the Level Two Cache for the FreeBSD Dual-Controller Storage Array.” Staying in FreeBSD Corner, you will read “FreeBSD UEFI Root on ZFS and Windows Dual Boot” by Kevin Bowling.

We are very happy to share an article on OpenBSD. We would love to have more OpenBSD covered, so if you are an expert in it and would like to share your knowledge, just let us know. In “OpenBSD in 2016: The Year of the Secure Desktop” by David Rodriguez you will read about OpenBSD desktop in general as well as how to encrypt your disk.

Mark VonFange shared with us the 4th part of his “FreeNAS Getting Started Guide:  Plugins”.

This time we have 2 interviews for you, The first one with Alexander Todorov, Founder of Mr. Senko, and the second one with Franck Porcher, Founder of Francky's Computer Engineering.

In the end of this issue you will find, as always, Rob’s Column, a big dose of economics, politics and security.

Marta & BSD Team



BSD World Monthly News                                      

by Marta Ziemianowicz

This column presents the latest news coverage of events, product releases and trending topics.

Lumina Desktop

Lumina Desktop Customization Frameworks   

by Ken Moore

The Lumina desktop environment is an open source graphical system interface for Unix-like operating systems and released under a 3-clause BSD license. Lumina is written from scratch and its design focuses on streamlining work efficiency with minimal system overhead. With the recent release of Lumina version 1.0.0, there is a lot of discussion about its flexibility and features from a user perspective. This article will instead discuss the framework within Lumina that is specifically designed for package maintainers and system administrators.


MINIX - A Class-Based Operating System - Part II      

by Rafael Santiago de Souza Netto

This second article intends to introduce the MINIX Operating System (OS) usage in a more practical way, showing aspects related with its installation, configuration and basic features, besides discussing related involved subjects.

FreeBSD Corner

Using SSD as the Level Two Cache for the FreeBSD Dual-Controller Storage Array     

by Mikhail E. Zakharov

Nowadays storage systems use fast solid-state drives (SSD), not only for storing data volumes, but even as the second layer of cache. In ZFS this feature is implemented by L2ARC and it means that we can easily enable this feature on the BeaST storage system

FreeBSD UEFI Root on ZFS and Windows Dual Boot          

by Kevin Bowling

Somehow I've managed to mostly not care about UEFI until now. On my new laptop, I decided I should give it a go. There are some small benefits, nothing life changing, but booting multiple OSes is a lot easier, especially if they are UEFI-native, and you can get a nice frame buffer the boot manager and the OS can use before starting graphically (and after, if you don’t have accelerated graphics drivers).


OpenBSD in 2016: The Year of the Secure Desktop        

by David Rodriguez

One corporation has controlled the desktop for quite a while, perhaps it's that friendly start menu that so many are accustomed to? Trends over the past decade show a great shift in computing. The iPhone changed the way most people access the internet. With the massive adoption of Android, Linux has become the most widely used user-agent on many websites.


FreeNAS Getting Started Guide: Part 4, Plugin      

by Mark VonFange

This article series is intended to serve as an introductory guide to assist FreeNAS users in planning, installation, configuration and administration for their FreeNAS storage systems. This month’s article will cover installing and updating plugins in FreeNAS 9.x.


Alexander Todorov, Founder of Mr. Senko      

by Marta Ziemianowicz, Marta Sienicka & Marta Strzelec

Franck Porcher, Founder of Francky's Computer Engineering                    

by Marta Ziemianowicz, Marta Sienicka & Marta Strzelec

Rob’s Column                                     

by Rob Somerville

The UK Sunday Times reports that the Reuben Brothers are in advanced talks to sell a 50% stake of Global Switch in a £5bn deal to an Asian consortium, with a potential option to sell the remainder at a later date. With the increased interest China is showing in Western infrastructure, is the cloud becoming an even greater security risk to national security?

08_2016 (85)epub1.epub
08_2016 (85).epub
08_2016 (85).ibooks
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October 2, 2016

2 responses on "Lumina Desktop Customization Frameworks - New BSD Mag Issue is Out!"

  1. I personally like the lumina and I loved the article about lumina customization, its written great and very detailed. kudos

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