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FreeBSD Based Dual – Controller Storage System Concept – New BSD Mag Issue!

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Dear Readers,

huge apology for our delay. We have been having some technical problems. But new BSD Mag is finally out!

The beautiful month of May is behind us and we are heading into the holiday period. Where are you going to spend your vacation?

What's more, in the beginning of July, our American readers will celebrate Independence Day. We would like to wish you all the best for you and your families! We hope you will spend this day in peace, happiness, and joy.

Moving on to this issue, it opens with industry news, as always. Next, you will read “FreeBSD Based Dual-Controller Storage System Concept” by Mikhail E. Zakharov. This is the second great article out of three by this author.

We are proud to introduce you to Natalia Portillo. She made a great comparison of MacOS and FreeBSD in her article “Benchmarks Mac OS X vs FreeBSD”.

After her article, we have another (after the previous issue), a GhostBSD related article “GhostBSD - Easy to Use, Yet Powerful” by Kalin Staykov. If you like this BSD, you will enjoy our interview with Eric Turgeon as well.

“Server Automation for NodeJS over SSH with Nodemiral” by Ray Mahangoe explains what  Nodemiral is and how to install it.

iXsystems prepared a series of articles for you as well. Mark VonFange has shared “FreeNAS Getting Started Guide: Part 1, Planning and Installation” with us as the first installment in a 3 part series.

Finally, as always, you can find a great article by Rob Somerville about Barclays bank.

Enjoy the reading and have a beautiful June! “Don’t count the days, make the days count” - Muhammad Ali.

Marta & BSD Team



BSD World Monthly News

by Marta Ziemianowicz

This column presents the latest news coverage of breaking news events, products releases and trending topics.

FreeBSD Corner

FreeBSD based dual-controller storage system concept   

by Mikhail E. Zakharov

Nowadays, most of the modern and powerful block-level storage systems around the world are built to work in expensive Fibre Channel or cheaper iSCSI SAN environments. Independent of their class, capacity and performance, they are created on well-known principles, technologies and architectures. Furthermore, some of these systems are using common servers for their controller hardware with Linux or even AIX as storage operating systems on-board.

Fight Club 

Benchmarks MacOSx VS FreeBSD  

by Natalia Portillo

Imagine you’ve got an old Macintosh sitting around, and you think you may be able to use it for other purposes. You have some expertise on FreeBSD and feel quite confident using it. In this article, I’ll try to explore what’s better, to install Mac OS X until Apple stops supporting your exact model, or move on to FreeBSD. For this purpose, I’ll explore several advantages and disadvantages for diverse usage case scenarios as well as pure benchmarking for both.


Server Automation for NodeJS over SSH with Nodemiral      

by Ray Mahangoe

Nodemiral is like Ansible, an automation tool based on Javascript/NodeJS. While Ansible has already been around for a while in the run, Nodemiral is still young but Javascript has already been for a while in the loop as well. Why do I use Nodemiral? Well, I've been using Ansible for a while and I like the way Ansible works, like access with ssh, playbooks and run script on a server, etc., and there is no need to install a client on every server.


GhostBSD - Easy to Use Yet Powerful     

by Kalin Staykov

When I first heard about GhostBSD, I thought it may involve a shady distribution that is all about security. Okay, in fact, at first I thought about actual ghosts, but let's not dive into that. The name comes from "Gnome hack operating system technology BSD". This project is all about putting a nice desktop environment with all the security perks of having a BSD system under the hood.


FreeNAS Getting Started Guide: Part 1, Planning and Installation       

by Mark VonFange

This article is intended to serve as an introductory guide to assist FreeNAS users in planning, installation, configuration and administration for their FreeNAS storage systems. Each category will include a high level discussion covering the basics of what is needed, with applicable screenshots.


Interview with Eric Turgeon, Founder and Leader of GhostBSD

by Marta Ziemianowicz, Marta Strzelec & Marta Sienicka

Rob’s Column  

by Rob Somerville

Barclays bank, as part of their Life Skills television and Internet campaign, are advising those entering the job market to use more professional email addresses. In light of their involvement in the Libor scandal, where they attempted to manipulate the benchmark inter-bank borrowing rate, can we take this advice seriously?


05_2016 (81) epub2.epub
05_2016 (81) epub1.epub
05_2016 (81).ibooks
05_2016 (81).pdf
05_2016 (81).jpg

11 responses on "FreeBSD Based Dual - Controller Storage System Concept - New BSD Mag Issue!"

  1. where´s the issues files?
    it´s only jpg file to download.

  2. Coming ver soon 😉 We are waiting for final corrections. Content should be uploaded later today 😉

  3. IBooks download showing as “permission denied” 🙁

  4. A great magazine about a great product! FreeBSD IS & WILL Always B The Os of the Oss’ses, Forget everything about all the other Imitation Crap there is out there in the Wild; Believe me, i’ve seen them nearly ALL…

    I love the magazine and the way of writing Marta, keep on the good work.
    Already placed links on my BLOG,… hope that’s ok…

    BTW… I was doing technical documentations writing for the last 2 decades for some established universities, so, if u need some help on documenting frustrations, lol; …

    Would B glad if I could B of some help 2 do something back for the BSD…
    feel free 2 contact me on the given mail, cheers 2 U All out there and don’t forget:
    As the Berkley Logo says:

    UNIX; live free or Die


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