DevOps with Chef on FreeBSD Workshop eBook

Dev Ops with Chef Workshop Ebook

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"DevOps with Chef on FreeBSD" Online Course has been fully uploaded. It's full of theoretical materials, videos, assignments and a final test to check your knowledge. After completing all assignemnts and the final test, you will recieve a certificate. 

For those of you who would only like to read up, practice on your own, or fill the knowledge gaps, we decided to prepare DevOps with Chef on FreeBSD eBook. It is still paid, but it only contains theoretical materials, so it's cheaper than the course itself. It's a great opportunity to those of you who have been thinking about taking the course, but aren't sure.

This e-book will be added to the course as a free download, for those of you who already participate in the course. All materials here were written by our Instructor, Arun Tomar.


Marta & BSD Mag Team


Module 1 title: Introduction to Chef.

Module 1 description: Introduction to Devops and Chef.

Module 1 covered topics:

  • What is Devops?
  • What is Chef?
  • An overview of Chef
    • Chef Components
    • Workstation
    • Cookbooks
    • Nodes
    • Chef server

Module 2 title: Chef Resources

Module 2 description: Understanding Chef resources. 

Module 2 covered topics:

  • Resource syntax
  • Common Functionality
  • Different Resources in Chef.

Module 3 title: Workstation (FreeBSD)

Module 3 description: Setup the workstation as a local development environment. 

Module 3 covered topics:

  • Install Ruby, rubygems, Chef on FreeBSD.
  • Install vim, emacs or another text/code editor of your choice.
  • Create an account on hosted Chef.
  • Configure and test your Chef workstation.

Module 4 title: Chef Server

Module 4 description: Bootstrap a node with Chef server. 

Module 4 covered topics:

  • How to bootstrap a node with Chef server.
  • Assign recipes in the run list.
  • Converge the resources to bring the FreeBSD server to the desired state.

Module 5 title: Writing your first cookbook

Module 5 description: Get started with writing your first cookbook 

Module 5 covered topics:

  • Using Chef command line tool, create a repository.
  • Create your first cookbook and write some code.
  • Start a FreeBSD target node (either physical or virtual machine) and run your code on it.
  • Write more code using resources and run it.

Module 6 title: Deep Dive into Chef cookbook development

Module 6 description: Recipes, Attributes, Metadata, Templates, etc.

Module 6 covered topics:

  • Writing recipes and splitting the cookbook into multiple files.
  • Using attributes, attribute precedence and overriding attributes.
  • Using templates.
  • Dependency management with metadata and Berkshelf.
  • Using community cookbooks from Supermarket.

Module 7 title: Advanced Chef concepts

Module 7 description: Roles, Environment, Search, etc.

Module 7 covered topics:

  • Understand and create roles.
  • Understand, create and use environments.
  • Understand and use search with knife and inside cookbooks to make your cookbooks dynamic.
  • Understand, create and use Databags for storing arbitrary data.

Module 8 title: Best Practices

Module 8 description: Using syntax and linting tools like: Foodcritic and Rubocop

Module 8 covered topics:

  • Using Foodcritic to write better cookbooks.
  • Using Rubocop to write better ruby code.
  • Debugging using Chef-shell.

Module 9 title: Testing

Module 9 description: Writing unit test and integration tests.

Module 9 covered topics:

  • Introduction to ChefSpec for unit testing.
  • Introduction to Inspec for integration testing.

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