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Build a Scalable Monitoring System with Grafana, InfluxDB and Riemann

The BSD Magazine 01/2018 (101) (PDF)
The BSD Magazine 01/2018 (101) (iBook)

Dear Readers,

I hope that all of you are well and are excited for the new BSD issue. I am sorry for the delay hope after reading the articles, that they were worth the wait.
I would like to express my gratitude to our sponsors and to our experts who contributed to this publication and invite others to collaborate with our magazine. The next issue of BSD Magazine will be published in about 3 weeks at the end of February. If you are interested in learning more about the future content, or if you would like to get in touch with our team, please feel free to send your messages to [email protected], and I will be more than pleased to talk to you and answer all your questions.

Thank you and enjoy reading!
Ewa & The BSD Team

Table of Contents

In Brief
Ewa & The BSD Team
This column presents the latest news coverage of breaking news, events, product releases, and trending topics from the BSD sector.

What's Next for Feature Development in FreeNAS/TrueNAS?
Interview with Kris Moore
Eric Geissinger, Luca Ferrari and Imad Soltani

Managing Multiple Perl 5 Installations with Perlbrew
Luca Ferrari
Perl 5 is a very stable, feature-rich, programming language used in a multitude of environments and applications, including operating system management tasks. Perl 5 is available in several versions, and usually, all versions are backwards compatible. However, there are edge cases and new features that could not be available on all versions. When dealing with Perl 5 application, it is a relief to know that the exact version required can be installed, depending on the specific feature set or compatibility without having to ask for administrator privileges or the need to touch the system’s wide Perl 5 installation. Perlbrew allows exactly that.

Build a Scalable Monitoring System with Grafana, InfluxDB and Riemann
Sanel Zukan
If you run your own web server, VPS instance or cluster, a monitoring system is the essential tooling you simply cannot live without. This is especially true in recent years when microservices became a popular solution to decouple complex architectures (splitting application or system into microservices makes them very easy to scale, deploy and with proper tooling, and easy to monitor).

Distributed Version Control with RaspberryPi 3, Fossil, and FreeBSD
Abdorrahman Homaei
Distributed version control is a type of version control where the full source and its history are mirrored on every developer's machine. This allows branching and merging to be managed automatically, increase speeds of most operations (except for pushing and pulling), improves the ability to work offline, and does not rely on a single location for storage of the entire repository.

What Blockchain Can Do Depends on Who You Are
While Blockchain is being viewed as a technology that has the potential across several industries, what you do with Blockchain depends upon the entities that are most germane to the business need of the enterprise. Simply put, what Blockchain can do depends on who you are!

Interview with Rob Somerville
Ewa and the BSD Team
He is a long-haired, bearded Scotsman who has a passion for technology, chess, writing, cookery, backgammon, and his family. And more...

Spectre and Meltdown have hit the lead, copper, silver, and gold streets of the Internet highway. We knew this was on the cards. What now?
Rob Somerville
Unlike the many players in this scenario, I am going to start with an apology. The next 1000 words or so are going to be fiery and passionate, unlike a rant. The Oxford English Dictionary defines a rant as follows – to speak or shout at length in an angry, impassioned way. I refuse to be angry here, and 1000 words can hardly be considered lengthy once we have to consider all the variables, but more specifically, the context requires more than a few words.

The BSD Magazine 01/2018 (101) (PDF)
The BSD Magazine 01/2018 (101) (iBook)

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