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And we meet again. I hope that all of you are well and enjoyed your holidays. I also hope that you miss us and you have booked some time to read the new BSD issue. This time, we, I mean, the BSD reviewers’ team, the authors and I want to present a few good readings. I think that you will find them very interesting.  So, let’s read!!! And have a fun on your holidays!

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In Brief
Ewa & The BSD Team
This column presents the latest news coverage of breaking news, events, product releases, and trending topics from the BSD sector.

Introducing The TrueNAS Unified Storage X10. Part 2
Steve Wong
In this second part, Steve is going to discuss four of the many use cases supported by the TrueNAS X10. This is to help organizations work more effectively and efficiently, and to provide the rationale on why the X10 may be perfectly aligned with their IT environment.

FreeBSD Desktop with Xfce, SLiM and i3lock
Abdorrahman Homaei
Many people are looking for lightweight, fast, and stable desktop environments. However, a fully functional how-to is hard to come by. In this article, a functional how-to consists of three elements which include: desktop environments, desktop manager (login manager), and desktop locker.

Overriding LIBC Functions To Do Constructive Things
Rafael Santiago de Souza Netto
This article will introduce the reader to the main aspects of function override techniques in the C library from userspace. Most of the existing material on this topic focuses on malicious uses of function overriding in malware. In this article, however, we will focus on doing constructive things with function overrides, particularly in getting the most of your system to solve problems.

Automating Vulnerability Scanning with Vuls
Teppei Fukuda and Kota Kanbe
We will introduce to you Vuls (, open-source vulnerability scanner for Linux/FreeBSD, agentless, and written in Go. Vuls tells you which servers and software are related to the newly disclosed vulnerabilities. Vuls uses multiple detection methods including changelog, Package Manager, NVD, and OVAL, and it is possible to scan many servers at high speed by using the parallel processing in Go language.

Your Information Is Out There Ready to Be Bought
Jacob Alexander
Even if you pay all your bills in cash, never sign up for an online account or never even open a web browser, websites still know you very well because they can share information with brick and mortar businesses. Most people don’t tend to think about these things and just give websites or businesses everything that they ask for.

Processing Data in Parallel Using Multithreading
Mark Sitkowski
Real life being what it is, despite the isolation provided by the partitioned stack, the situation can still arise where we might need to prevent more than one thread from executing a given function, or other block of code. For instance, we may be in the process of assembling a linked list, and it would be counter-productive to have two threads adding an element to the end of the list at the same time.

Interview with David Mytton
Ewa Dudzic
I’m the Co-Founder & CEO at Server Density. Having built the original version of the product, I used to do a lot of coding, but nowadays, I spend most of my time with the overall management of the business in financial planning, product strategy, technical and architectural oversight, commercial engagement with prospects and customers, hiring, PR & marketing, and board or investor relations.

COLUMN: The recent tragedy and fire at Grenfell Tower in London that claimed more than 80 lives may seem as far from IT and technology as it is possible to imagine, but to the engineering mind, it highlights the ongoing spectre of systemic failure and risk, where cascading error culminates in disaster.
Rob Somerville

BSD Magazine 7/2017 (95) (PDF)
BSD Magazine 7/2017 (95) (iBook)

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