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Infrastructure Management

BSD Magazine 2/2017 (90) (iBooks)
BSD Magazine 2/2017 (90) (PDF)

Dear Readers,

The BSD team and I are delighted to declare a new coming issue of BSD Magazine. We completed this issue to include a large pile of tutorials and practice rich articles for you to construct up your open-source skills and cognition. This time, we publish more on Infrastructure Management, and I hope you’ll like this batch of articles. I would like to thank the authors of this BSD issue as all of them did great work and wrote insightful, high-level and technical articles in a very short time. Thank you.

Let's take a look at what you will encounter in this issue of BSD. Our experts will instruct you on how to deal with Virtual Firewall and how to install OPNsense on Bhyve. Thereafter, we will be heading to OpenBSD as a Gateway Firewall for SOHO and Enterprise Networks. In this issue, you will read more on SmartOS Containers. Last but not least, we’ll share more concerning a FreeBSD Server Management with Ansible, Active Directory with Samba and BIND on FreeBSD, OPNsense, and much more. Make sure to check out this issue for more articles and tutorials.

If you want to start a real life open-source journey with our rich-content publications, or to get in contact with our team, feel free to write to us.

Best regards,
Ewa & The BSD Team

PS. As always, we invite other experts, companies, reviewers for collaboration for future work and issues.


Table of Content
News by BSD Team
This column presents the latest news coverage of events, product releases, and trending topics.

Active Directory with Samba and BIND on FreeBSD
Bob Cromwell
Bob will advise you on how to run an Active Directory service on FreeBSD. The goal is to explain the new or surprising parts to people from the UNIX world. The Samba domain provisioning itself is surprisingly easy and is documented nicely on the Samba website.

FreeBSD Server Management with Ansible
David Rodriguez
David will mainly focus on Ansible’s key features and setup, how Ansible fits into the modern DevOps movement, and some of the decisions you will make in designing a FreeBSD server infrastructure.
Using FreeBSD as a start, the large number of ports and packages available along with a tool like Ansible enables you to build a large-scale infrastructure quickly.

Taking a Look at SmartOS Containers
Carlos Antonio Neira Bustos
There are a lot of remarkable things to do with SmartOS as a home server. For instance, run containers for development or production in your company, for speed up development using containers, game servers, etc. Carlos will start with SmartOS containers in his article.

OpenBSD as a Gateway Firewall for SOHO and Enterprise Networks
Antonio Francesco Gentile
In Antonio’s article, you’ll see that OpenBSD makes possible the creation of a Gateway Router Firewall and a multi VPN concentrator. The level of security it can give is very high, both for SOHO and enterprise  infrastructures; therefore, OpenBSD proves to be a great alternative to using a dedicated and expensive hardware equipment,
plus it's open-source.

Abdorrahman Homaei
Abdorrahman in his article explains what OPNsense is and presents more about OPNsense vs. PFsense. He describes how to deal with Virtual Firewall, how to install OPNsense on Bhyve, and what OPNsense Mandatory Configuration is.

Meet Unix Bloggers
Kill a long running process in Unix
Vishal Lambe

Shell From vi
Tom Ryder

Interview with Benjamin Wright
Ewa & The BSD Team

Column: Infrastructure Management
Randy Ramirez

BSD Magazine 2/2017 (90) (iBooks)
BSD Magazine 2/2017 (90) (PDF)

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