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NEW BSD ISSUE IS OUT: System Updating & The New Privacy/Security Options

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Hello FreeBSD Enthusiasts!

Autumn is coming , it's getting colder outside, but warmer in Unix Lovers hearts. A lot of things is going on within the industry, which you can read in our "News" column.

Further in the pages, you will find articles, stories, interviews and much more. You can learn more about The Lumina Desktop Environment and new BSD-licensed graphical system, a new PC-BSD 10.2. You will learn Python Passive Network Mapping and how to defeat CryptoLocker Attacks with ZFS. Enjoy your reading!

What would you tell for a "Best of the Best in 2015" issue in the end of December? We could squeeze together all of your favourite articles of this year? Let us know in the comments down below and don't forget to add the title of your favourite article 😉

Hope you will enjoy the issue!

Ewa & BSD team


BSD World Monthly News

This column presents the latest news coverage of breaking news events, product releases and trending topics of the BSD world (say hi to Marta!).

A Look at the New PC-BSD 10.2

Kris Moore

Since PC-BSD 10.1 was released in November 2014, there have been many exciting new features and fixes pushed into the latest version, 10.2. Some of these changes are large, while others occur behind the scenes to improve the PC-BSD experience. Among them are a brand new updating scheme, changes to disk partitioning with support for EFI, new privacy & security utilities and a new remote accessible AppCafe. In this article, we will take a closer look at two of these, system updating and the new privacy / security options in the form of PersonaCrypt.

Basis Of The Lumina Desktop Environment 18

Ken Moore

The Lumina Desktop Environment is a new, BSD-licensed, graphical system environment which is designed primarily for BSD and UNIX-based operating systems. This focus on BSD systems results in a number of distinct differences from the current collection of Linux-focus desktop environments, only one of which is independent from all the Linux-based system management frameworks. Ken, in his article, will explain a bit of the history behind the Lumina desktop, the foundations of its design philosophy, the internal operating system support framework, the current status of the project, and the goals/ timeline for the project to achieve an official (non-beta) release.

A Secure Webserver on FreeBSD with Hiawatha

David Carlier

In most cases, when it comes to choosing a web server, Nginx quickly comes to mind. However, there exists an interesting alternative, which embeds some nice features, called Hiawatha. Hiawatha is a distinctive webserver application renowned for it’s solid security and well audited code. Apart from having CGI/FastCGI support, SSL, Ipv6, Virtual hosts, it also provides protection against SQL injection and XSS, CSRF natively. David, in his article, tells you more and presents how to deal with it.

Defeating CryptoLocker Attacks with ZFS

Michael Dexter

CryptoLocker attacks are a category of clever, yet nefarious, personal computer malware that infect a PC via a tantalizing email message or link and silently encrypts your local disks and any network shares you are connected to. When finished encrypting, the malware holds your data for ransom, giving you on average three days to make a decision between paying the ransom or having your data destroyed forever. Organizations of all sizes have been hit by these “ransomware” attacks, including police departments and hospitals, and an early estimate put the damages at $30 million. Michael will tell you more about the situations that can be caused by these malware attacks.


Emerging Technology Has Increasingly Been a Force for Both Good and Evil

Rob Somerville

Since the Second World War emerging technology has increasingly been a force for both good and evil. The race for technological advance since then – while creating a level playing field for many – has yet to address the more fundamental inequalities and lead us into the Utopian dream. With transformational advances now being made so frequently, are we about to cross the Rubicon?


Interview with Dru Lavigne

Luca Ferrari

Interview with Oleksandr Rybalko

Luca Ferrari


Python Passive Network Mapping P2NMAP 36

Chet Hosmer

Chet Hosmer presents network mapping techniques in his ebook, which this article presents a chapter from. When performing incident response activities, mapping a network or performing penetration testing, you are likely to run into situations where packet captures have already occurred. This could be in response to an event, or in today’s world, more often as a routine practice. Either way, the packet capture (pcap) files can provide valuable information that we can examine and report on using P2NMAP-Analzer.py.

09/2015 (73).epub
09/2015 (73).pdf

9 responses on "NEW BSD ISSUE IS OUT: System Updating & The New Privacy/Security Options"

  1. Just wanted to say a lot of this is great stuff and very informative. I’m fairly new to the site so can’t comment on the “best” of 2015 but I think each article I’ve read so far has been interesting and engaging and gives a nice insight into the ethos and decision making aptitude of those involved. This then gives me an education and thus helps me make more informed decisions about my own implementations.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. Thank you a lot for your comment! We will try our best to stay as interesting and helpful as we can!

  3. if the core mission statement of bsd is openess,why is giving personal info a requirement ?just sayin’..

  4. why i can’t download the magazine?

  5. Try now, but it seems that everything is fine 😉

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