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100+ Unix Commands – BSD 2014

BSD_09_2014 (2).epub

BSD magazine has released many useful and practical articles to help you improve your skills since our first published issue. I hope that we are still able to teach you and provide you with much-needed knowledge, so I’d like to encourage you to tell us what your IT needs are.

Now, see our NEW Issue content!

FreeBSD Technologies and Protocols Involved in Setting up an Office Server
Ivan Voras
Ivan,in his article, will introduce you to the products, technologies and
protocols which will be used in setting up an office server. This
article will describe them in detail in order to clarify their
interaction with the server and with the Internet at large.

Introduction to the JDB Debugger
Carlos Neira
JDB,like GDB, is a command line debug tool that will help us find bugs in
our code (it is provided by openjdk), hopefully with little effort. The
application that Carlos will be using to demonstrate JDB’s usefulness
will follow the same settings as the last one. The application Carlos is
going to use is Freecol.

Flaws in Unix-like Rootkits and Anti-rootkit Tools
AB Consultancy Software SRL
Most high-profile intrusions of the past decade haven’t been found due to
intrusion detection sensors or complicated forensic tools. Instead, it
was the malfunctioning code in the rootkits that made them crash the
system with weird error messages. Unix anti-rootkit tools provide little
to no accuracy in detection of rootkits, the impossibility to clean the
system from a rootkit infection or the ability to analyze the malware.

100+ Unix Commands. Part 1.
Craig S. Wright
Craig,in his article, will analyze and present the top 100 commands in
Unix/Linux that an attacker (and most crucially, a security tester) can
use. These will range from commands to gain access to a system or extend
access, to altering logs and other files (including the kernel) and to
monitoring what is going on. He will also provide scripting techniques
and examples based on these commands to provide the basics needed by any
budding *NIX security professional. The article will consist of 3

Getting to grips with the Gimp – Part 7
Rob Somerville
Retouching photos is a common request, and we will recreate the Stalinist
propaganda of the removal of Nikolai Yezhov from the photo with Stalin
to illustrate how to manipulate old images. We will then apply some
filters to enhance the photograph.
In the seventh part in our series on the Gimp we will retouch an old photo and start working with filters.

Over twenty years ago, Mitchell Kapor, the founder and former C.E.O. of
Lotus Development Corporation stated, “The question of what to do about
Microsoft is going to be a central public policy issue for the next 20
years. Policy makers don't understand the real character of Microsoft
yet". Has government and industry smelled the coffee yet?
Rob Somerville

BSD_09_2014 (2).epub

October 30, 2014

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  1. Is Rob Somerville’s quote from Mitchell Kapor connected to IBM quietly closing Lotus this week ?

  2. My comment sound conspiratorial. It is not . I had never heard much of Lotus and then it is mentioned twice in one day.

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