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You do not know how to get started and configure a working home server. Learn how to use the current ZFS capabilities to help us build a home file server using FREEBSD 10.3.

Launch date: 06th of July 2016

What will you learn?

  • ZFS administration
  • ZFS concepts and features

What skills will you gain?

  • ZFS administration basics

What do you need?

  • FREEBSD 10.3 with root privileges
  • At least 10 GB free space

What should you know before joining?

  • Basic FREEBSD administration knowledge


Module 1: FREEBSD and ZFS
Introduction to ZFS under FREEBSD

  • Why ZFS on FREEBSD?
  • ZFS features and concepts

Module 1 exercises:

  • Execute ZFS commands to check status of pools and metadata
  • Create a single disk pool

Module 2 title:  ZFS Administration
Module 2 description: Cover the commands and features to administrate ZFS volumes

  • Create, destroy, list pools
  • Zpools: single, mirrored, raid
  • Understand ZFS properties

Module 2 exercises:

  • Get and set properties
  • Set Disk Quotas

Module 3 title: Putting it all to work: Hosting our files using ZFS
Module 3 description: With the previous acquired knowledge, create a plan on how to organize our files and pools to host our files.

  • Set ZFS properties based on the content of the files to host
  • ZFS tuning
  • Create a File Server using our pools

Module 3 exercises:

  • Explore ZFS features using hosted content on a pool
  • Serving content
  • Check ZFS performance


About the Instructor:

Carlos Antonio Neira Bustos

Carlos Antonio Neira Bustos has worked about ten years as a software developer, porting and debugging enterprise legacy applications in several languages, like C, C++, Java, Common Lisp, Clojure and Python. He is currently employed as a software developer under Z/OS, debugging and troubleshooting legacy applications for a global financial company. 






Course format:

  • The course is self-paced – you can visit the training whenever you want and your content will be there.
  • Once you’re in, you keep access forever, even when you finish the course.
  • There are no deadlines, except for the ones you set for yourself.
  • We designed the course so that a diligent student will need about 18 hours of work to complete the training.
  • Your time will be filled with reading, videos, and exercises.

If you have any questions about the course, please contact Ewa at [email protected]



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