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Course Curriculum

(W05M01) DevOps with Chef on FreeBSD 00:00:00
(W05) DevOps with Chef on FreeBSD Module 1 Quiz 00:10:00
(W05M02) Resources 00:00:00
(W05M03) Setup the workstation 00:00:00
(W05M04) Bootstrap a node with Chef server 00:00:00
(W05M05) Get started with writing your first cookbook 00:00:00
(W05M06) Deep Dive into Chef cookbook development 00:00:00
(W05M07) Advanced chef concepts 00:00:00
(W05M08) Using syntax and linting tools like: Foodcritic and RuboCop 00:00:00
(W05M09) Writing unit test and integration tests. 00:00:00
(W05) Final Test 00:15:00
(W05) Course Materials 00:00:00
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