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Best 5 Apps to Clean Your Android Device

Cleaning your phone is like cleaning your home – it’s something you should do from time to time. You’re already aware that Android devices tend to get slower over some time. Junk files, app caches, residual and garbage files hamper the work of your device. These files are similar to garbage in your home that needs to be thrown away. Here we selected five apps that can help you clean your Android device (smartphone or tablet) without a headache. Cleaning your device will allow you to get more virtual space, prevent slowdowns and smooth operations on your Android device.


  • Clean Master

According to review writing service, Clean Master is one of the best cleaning tools for Android. It helps to optimize operations of your smaprtphone or tablet and provide you with better maintenance. Clean master app can help to clean caches, search history, uninstall apps, get rid of unused and residual files. Cm cleaner app is easy to use and has more tools in comparison with other similar apps.
It can clean cache created by all apps. Typically, Android phones have low internal storage. You can get more free space by using Clean Master as slow work can be a result of lack of internal memory.

The interface of Clean Master is attractive, interactive and colorful. It can’t cause battery drainage. Besides, it offers free antivirus and app manager. It is also easy to activate – you can clean your Android device by using just one boost feature, and your junk files will be removed! This will speed up your mobile or tablet immediately.


  • Power Clean

Power clean android is an easy to use, smart and fast app that can help to clean and boost your Android device. More than 130 million users downloaded this app to solve the problem of lack of free space in their smartphones. This app helps to significantly speed phone up and delete junk files as well.

The recent versions of Power Clean are coupled with Android Virus Scanner and Antivirus Protection. These versions also contain CPU monitor and cooler to prevent overheating of your devices. Using CPU monitor and cooler helps to save the battery from draining problems. This app can be used as a virus cleaner for Android devices because it is featured with Antivirus support.


  • Virus Cleaner

Quite often Android devices work slowly because of viruses. Internet surfing or downloading apps may result in catching a virus. Virus Cleaner is a product of McAfee that was created for the protection of Android devices from Malware, extortion viruses, and Trojans. McAfee is a part of the Intel Security system. Scanning for viruses can be scheduled automatically. You can use virus cleaner for android free download option if you need to scan your phone on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Files for scanning and examining apps are securely stored in the internal storage or SD cards.


You can also use this app for cleaning memory junk files, optimization of your phone’s speed, safe browsing and protecting against malicious URLs. Virus Cleaner Applock is additionally featured by an unlock password that allows locking your private information with the help of fingerprint, PIN or pattern. This will help protect your phone from the intrusion of snoopers. Furthermore, you can personalize unlocking app themes and make your unlocking experience unique.


  • Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster

This app is two-in-one: a cleaner and a booster. Actually, it is an all-in-one app: if you want the best android cleaner, you should definitely try Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster. It contains Android Trash Cleaner, Antivirus app, and Antivirus inbuilt engine. This allows you to clean, boost and protect your device. It has RAM memory booster and Boost Phone. After optimization, your device will work by 60% faster than before using DU Speed Booster. Basically, this tool cleans up your RAM and removes redundant tasks. It speeds up your Android device.  

It also is featured with Applock function to lock Instagram or Facebook accounts. CPU Cooler can detect and remove apps that cause overheating of your device. For gamers, Game Booster is a bonus feature of this tool. It considerably (up to 30%) speeds up gaming apps. Besides, by one click, you can reset your network interface connection.

5. Android Booster & Cleaner

The interface of Android Booster and Cleaner is simple and elegant. Similarly to other apps described above, it serves to clean junk files and optimize the work of Android devices. This is a great tool to clean and maintain your phone (tablet). It can automatically improve the performance of Android system. The number of downloads of this app reaches millions of times. It is the free app available in Play store.

Android Booster also has battery manager utilities and Antivirus tools. Battery manager utilities help to control overheating, and Antivirus tools are designed to prevent intrusion of viruses into your Android device. Additionally, Android Booster and Cleaner are featured with app manager, file manager, and network manager.

Here we presented five best tools that are most commonly used by the fans of Android devices. Generally, the functions of all apps designed to clean Android devices are very similar. All of them can enhance the performance of Android devices, delete redundant files, control battery overheating, and intrusion of viruses, so feel free to choose any from the list.

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July 17, 2018

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