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The BSD Magazine is a project devoted to *BSD world and Open Source solutions, targeting both beginners and experienced users. It is a free, online monthly publication available to download from our website.  It is a technical magazine, providing articles of interest to all people who want to be an expert in the BSD/UNIX field. It includes highly technical articles, and non-technical articles on Open Source OSes, as well as news on innovations in the field.

Our collection of articles are packed with technical tips and useful tricks to make you an expert. To maintain the highest editorial standards, BSD Magazine is written and edited by professional developers, engineers, and administrators.


To satisfy our readers, we present advice for beginners as well as news for advanced BSD enthusiasts.


We understand that the key question is “How?”
So, even theoretical issues are demonstrated using clear, practical examples.


We have regular sections such as:

• In Brief (Section for news: new releases, upcoming events, latest products; these are provided by producers, companies, etc.)
• Developers Corner (Articles written by members of developer teams of biggest BSD projects)
• Get Started (Installation and configuration articles)
• How-to’s (Tutorials, how-to’s, guides on various topics)
• Admin (Articles about system administration and security)
• In Business (About the use of BSD systems in enterprise)
• MMS (Multimedia Section – All about multimedia on BSD, games, etc.)
• Tips & Tricks (Useful tips for beginning and advanced users)
• Let’s Talk (Section where BSD users and professionals can share their general thoughts about Open Source, BSD, etc.)

Information for Contributors

The BSD Magazine invites you to submit articles on any topics that are part of the editorial calendar as well as on additional topics of your own interest and based on your own experiences.

Don’t hesitate to ask us! We help you write a great article!

How to publish with us

Becoming The BSD Magazine author is as simple. If you have an idea for a piece you’d like to write for us, all you have to do is to send us an email with your article topic suggestion to the following address: [email protected] with ‘Article submission’ as the e-mail’s subject.

Publishing an article in the BSD Magazine offers you several benefits. It places your name in front of your peers, establishes you as an expert in a technical area and enables you to exchange ideas with your colleagues.

Editorial Calender

October 2017: Open vSwitch
November 2017: Infrastructure Management
December 2017: Guide to OpenBSD

Comming Soon …

Submission Requirements:

  • Electronic submission is required; in .odt, .docx or others.
  • The article should present the theory through practise and include real world examples.
  • The article should cover new developments in the field.
  • The article should have in-depth technically oriented subjects.
  • The article should focus on practical matters.
  • Article length should be from six pages, or about 3000 words
  • Use endnotes at the end of the article, to credit sources.
  • Include a reference section for any and all general references.
  • Include a photo and a brief biography including current position, background, professional affiliations, and books or articles published.
  • Submit material in English.
  • Citations or copyright acknowledgements are needed for any materials that are not solely the original creation of the author
  • Keep the readers in mind.
  • The readers are a technical audience.
  • Write in the third person.
  • Provide a Conclusion of the major points of the article at the end.
  • Provide supporting tables, figures, charts or artwork.
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Ewa Dudzic

Guidelines for Submitting a Guest Blog

Our blog is open for everyone. If you have something interesting to share with our readers, go ahead!  Check the guideline for posting on our blog:

  • Only articles with original content are accepted.
  • Do not copy someone’s article without their permission.
  • You can repost your own article (from your own blog e.g).
  • Content should be between 600 and 1200 words.
  • To submit your article, please contact us at [email protected]

Review Process

The articles submitted to the BSD Magazine are subject to review by two or more members of the BSD Magazine review team.When the review process is complete, authors will be informed of the reviewers’ comments and recommendations regarding the article. The articles for publication are edited for grammar. Each article published in the BSD Magazine becomes part of the BSD Magazine’s overall copyright. Accepted articles are usually published within three to six weeks of their acceptance. There is no honorarium for the BSD  Magazine authors.

Reviewer’s Team

Most magazines prepare the articles using only the knowledge and experience of an editorial team. The BSD Magazine does much more. Our active readers take part in the editorial process as beta testers.

You can become one of them today!

What does a beta tester do?

Beta testing in the BSD Magazine means:

  • Receiving articles at an early stage of production for review, so you, our most valued readers, can tell us whether the subject is of interest to you, whether it is prepared the way you’d like to read it, etc.
  • Taking part actively in many various activities connected with production of The BSD Magazine.
  • It’s up to you, how active you are – you have no obligations whatsoever. You can take part when you have time and will to do so. You can simply ignore help requests at the time when you’re too busy with your own stuff.

How to become a beta tester?

Becoming The BSD Magazine beta tester is as simple. All you have to do is send us an email to the following address with ‘Review Team’ as the e-mail’s subject: [email protected].

What will you gain?

Active beta testers can expect the following in return for their help:

  • Every issue publishes a list of active beta testers who helped to prepare it, so your name is published as part of the editorial team.
  • You receive articles much earlier than anyone else and you can take part in adjusting them to your requiremen
  • The system of discounts that we have: 1 reviewed article equals 1% discount on all our products and subscriptions. If you are active beta you can even gain something for free!
  • There is more to come: the more help we receive from you, the more you can expect from us in return, and be sure that we value our beta testers

Is there a catch?

No! You have no obligation, you can take part whenever you want to, you can sign out anytime you wish.

Online Courses 

Within BSD Magazine, we also prepare online courses, where you get practical knowledge on topics connected with usage of *BSD and more. Our Courses are created from reading materials used in online courses. Additionally, all courses are packed and we offer a standalone e-books that anyone can purchase. If you already have an access to our online courses,  e-Book will be an extra bonus.

Subscribers to the BSD website, get unlimited access to all our online courses that are designed for all levels, beginners and experts alike.

They give valuable practicle knowledge on all topics  connected with usage of BSD and more. Generally, all what is useful and can be applied to BSD will be covered (no matter from what other unix system it comes, as long as they are BSD specific).

Deal With The BSD Magazine

With more than 40,000 members worldwide, advertising with the BSD Magazine presents an opportunity to reach a unique audience of technology professionals.

BSD Magazine is directed not only to BSD users, IT experts, and technicians but also to those who are looking for an alternative to MS Windows.

Our readers include:

  • *BSD professionals (62%).
  • Network administrators (25%).
  • Programmers (10%).
  • and others (3%).

If you seek a way to increase your company’s visibility on the Internet? Our advertisement options will be adjusted to your needs. Just send us a message to discuss the details.

We can offer you:

  • Dedicated email blasts/newsletter posts.
  • Magazine advertisement.
  • Website banner/advertisement.
  • Website listing among The BSD Magazine Partners.
  • Article in our magazine about your product, review or blog post.
  • Interview.
  • Social media activity.

Please note that the conditions of each partnership are negotiated individually.

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Ewa Dudzic

The BSD Magazine is also open for new cross-promotion possibilities.

If you would like to increase your brand recognition and broaden your audience, then you definitely should consider adding The BSD Magazine to your Media Partners. Why?

Because with us, you get your information delivered to a highly targeted group of professionals and enthusiasts, set for sharing knowledge, experience, and innovative ideas.

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Ewa Dudzic


Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the high quality of the magazine, the editors make no warranty, express or implied, concerning the results of content usage.

All trade marks presented in the magazine were used only for informative purposes. All rights to trade marks presented in the magazine are reserved by the companies which own them.

If you are interested in cooperating with us, please email: [email protected]

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