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PC-BSD Uncovered

Release Date: 2009-01
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  • Free Issue to download 02/2009

  • Installing PC-BSD Fibonacci Edition

    Man pages? We don’t need no stinkin’ man pages. I don’t need to show you any man pages. Well, that being said, at least review the hardware requirements prior to selecting your computer platform.

  • Software management simplfi ed: PC-BSD and the PBI system

    What is the best way of installing software on a FreeBSD-based system? The FreeBSD handbook doesn’t provide a single answer as both packages and ports have their benefi ts. All you have to do is open a terminal and…

  • Personalizing Your PC-BSD Desktop

    What is the point of having a personal computer if it isn’t personal? The vast amount of possibilities when customizing your PC-BSD desktop can be overwhelming. There are several aspects of PC-BSD that need to be understood before moving forward.

  • Using FreeBSD for Off-Site Backups

    It is becoming increasingly important for people to have backup systems in place. This is especially true for people who hoard multimedia content. What would happen if someone’s hard drive failed and it contained their entire music library?

  • Building NetBSD for Embedded Systems Using Cygwin

    You might think it is unusual that a magazine devoted to the *BSD operating systems would have an article about Cygwin, a Linux-like environment that runs on Windows.

  • ABC's of ZFS

    ZFS is a state of the art fi lesystem developed by Sun Microsystems. ZFS was fi rst introduced in the OpenSolaris operating system and was later ported to FreeBSD 7.

  • Django on FreeBSD

    Dan Fairs, Director of Fez Consulting Ltd., a UK-based software development consultancy, introduces Django: a web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

  • Open Source Studio to Transmitter Link (OSSTL)

    A local nonprofi t radio station owns a studio that provides feeds for two AM radio stations and one FM radio station. The content provided for the two AM station’s is mostly syndicated talk radio with a very little music content.

  • PC-BSD – Making Your Life Easier

    Accomplishing common tasks on PC-BSD may be executed effectively and efficiently by using built-in configuration tools and locating system settings that may increase overall usability and performance.

  • Interview with PC-BSD

    To celebrate this issue of the magazine fully dedicated to PC-BSD, I had the opportunity to do a quick question and answer session with Kris Moore and Matt Olander.

  • Green Eggs & BSD...

    BSD is here BSD is there, BSD is everywhere. Well not exactly, but there certainly is a proliferation of BSD throughout the Internet. The problem is and quite honestly has been quantifying the impact of BSD on the corporate LAN.