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OpenBSD in the Limelight

Release Date: 2008-01
Rating: 31 votes


  • OpenBSD 4.3 Installation&Configuration

    If you are new to OpenBSD distribution, Gilles guides you through the process of installing and configuring.

  • You have installed it? Now what? Packages!

    Peter gives you the kick-start on packages, shows how to use them effectively and without much effort.

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  • OpenBSD

    Gilles teaches how to provide the best dvelopment platform.You will find a step-by-step tutorial for development station, server development, setting up the accounts and mail notification.

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  • BSD Certification by BSD Certification Group

    Machtelt discusses the certification that is being developed by the BSD Certification Group Advisory Board- people who are actively involved in different BSD projects, ket figures in their communities.

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  • Building an OpenBSD SAMP Server with Content Filtering Proxy

    In this article Rob demonstrates how to build an OpenBSD server from scratch with Squid, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Webadmin, in order to allow you to serve web pages from your own network and cache the content reaching your browser.

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  • OpenBSD as a Desktop

    Petr provides you with a guide for people who use Linux or FreeBSD and would like to give OpenBSD a try on the desktop and explains some general Unix routines.

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  • Download Free Issue: OpenBSD in the Limelight

    Download Free Issue: OpenBSD in the Limelight

  • Inside the PBI System...

    The auhtor presents PBI – PC BSD installer with its unique and very useful package management system and shows similarities and differences between other systems.

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  • Connecting to Other IM Networks

    Eric and Michele follow up the article from the first issue, where you have learned how to install and configure one of the jabber servers. This time, they explain the mechanism to allow the creation of a gateway between the jabber network and closed networks- AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ and others.

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  • Kernel File System Development in Userspace

    In this article Antti describes the kernel as a programming and testing environment. He also describes the kernel code way of testing and developing – all that to make it more comfortable for the user.

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  • Securing IM Using Jabber/XMPP and TLS

    This time, the authors will discuss how to secure client to server and server to server communications using XMPP/Jabber features.

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  • OpenBSD and Making Money

    Even though corporations accuse Open Source for being unable to bring in the profits, in this article Girish shows that it is a serious bussiness that can make you rich.

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  • Absolute FreeBSD 2nd Edition - Review

    In this article Xavier analyses the Absolute FreeBSD 2nd edition – the Complete Guide to FreeBSD, a book written by Michael W. Lucas

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  • PC-BSD in Schools

    iXsystems presents PC-BSD in schools on the example of Polux School success story.

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  • Interview with OpenBSD developer Damien Bergamini

    Federico Biancuzzi talks about WPA with Damien Bergamini, the developer who made a huge work for OpenBSD wireless subsystem.

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  • Mac OS X - the Other BSD

    Mikel King introduces Mac OS X – the other BSD.

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