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  • Bsd_05_2012

    BSD Security - Protect Your BSD

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 5/2012
    • A Fresh Look at the Warden for PC-BSD 9.1
    • Intro to DTrace
    • A Web Application Firewall for Nginx
    • Introducing EasyPBI – Making PBI Modules With a Few Mouse Clicks
    • Mysql-zrm: Enterprise Level Backups for MySQL
    • Anatomy of FreeBSD Compromise (Part 5)
    • Hardening FreeBSD with TrustedBSD and Mandatory Access Controls (MAC)
    • Security Best Practice for DNS Servers
  • Coverbsd_4

    Here Comes The Cloud

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 4/2012
    • Here Comes the Cloud
    • Developing Applications Using mport
    • Taking the BSDA Certification Exam
    • Installing OpenBSD 5.0 on VMware Server
    • Installing FreeBSD on Amazon AWS EC2 Cloud Services
    • PostgreSQL: Replication
    • Interview with Mark Price
    • The Greater Benefits of Open Source Software
  • Bsd_03_cover

    Nessus, Exploitation Tools and Payloads

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 3/2012
    • MaheshaBSD-2.0 – What’s New On The Lake Manasarovar?
    • GhostBSD: A Brief Overview
    • How Do I Study for the BSDA Certification?
    • GDB and Truss for Debugging
    • PostgreSQL: MVCC and Vacuum
    • Beowulf Clusters with DragonflyBSD
    • NPPPD: Easy PPTP VPN with OpenBSD
    • Anatomy of a FreeBSD Compromise (Part 4)
  • Bsd_02_2012

    BSD Certification: How? When? Why?

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 2/2012
    • Short Survey About New Project
    • Customizing Your PC-BSD 9.0 Desktop
    • mport: The MidnightBSD Package Management Tools
    • Why Should I Become BSDA Certified?
    • What Can’t You Do On The command-line?
    • PostgreSQL: From Installation to PITR
    • OpenBSD with SUN JAVA & Netbeans
    • Data Classification Policy
    • Load Balancers. Enterprise Load & Service Availability
    • Anatomy of a FreeBSD Compromise (Part 3)
    • Counting Our Losses
  • Cover0112

    FreeBSD: Get Up-To-Date

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 1/2012
    • What’s New in FreeBSD 9.0
    • Home Brew Captive Portal With OpenBSD
    • Puppet on FreeBSD
    • FreeBSD IPS With Snort Inline
    • malloc(9): The Kernel’s General Purpose Memory Allocator
    • Keeping FreeBSD’s Base System and Packages Up-To-Date
    • Anatomy of a FreeBSD Compromise (Part 2)
    • Elephants in Prato
  • Bsd12cover

    Rolling Your Own Kernel

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 12/2011
    • Google Code-In and FreeBSD’s Participation
    • Installing PC-BSD on a Mac
    • Keeping Your Configuration Files Shiny as New Using sysmerge(8)
    • Rolling Your Own FreeBSD Kernel
    • OpenBSD 5.0: PHP, Cacti, and Symon
    • Extracting Useful Information From Log Messages
    • Anatomy of a FreeBSD Compromise (Part 1)
    • Hardening BSD with Security Levels
    • FreeBSD Foundation Update
  • Bsd11_cover

    Speed Daemons

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 11/2011
    • PC-BSD 9 Turns a New Page
    • A Beginner’s Guide To PF
    • Creating Your Own PBI Repository
    • Speed Deamons
    • A GIS Strategy For Web-Enabled Business
    • Equip Your CA With a HSM For <50 Euros
    • Terminals Served Up BSD Style
    • OpenBSD Kernel Memory Pools: Monitoring Usage With Systat
    • FreeBSD 8.2 Against Ubuntu Server
    • EuroBSDcon 2011 From An Organizers Perspective
  • Bsd10_cover

    The Inevitability of IPv6

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 10/2011
    • Configuring a FreeBSD Stealth Logging Server
    • DragonflyBSD News: Recovering Data With Hammer
    • Using Openmaps Data With Geoserver
    • ONMP on OpenBSD 4.9
    • OSSEC on OpenBSD (ONMP) 4.9
    • Taking a Peek Under the Hood Without Compromising Security – LibGTop and OpenBSD
    • Protecting Apache From Dos And Ddos Attacks
    • The Inevitability of IPv6, Part 1 & 2
  • Ok_adka_bsd_09_2011

    Protecting dynamic websites in FreeBSD

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 09/2011
    • DNSSEC resolution and IPv6 Unbound on FreeBSD 8.2
    • Keeping up to date in PC-BSD 9
    • Using Life Preserver to Backup a PC-BSD 9.0 System to FreeNAS™ 8.0.1
    • Recovering data with hammer
    • Apache2, php5, mysql5, modsecurity2.5 installation and confguration in order to protect dynamic websites from various attacks, in Freebsd 8.2
    • MySQL Unleashed!
    • Terminal Descriptions for OpenBSD AMD/Intel consoles
    • (Ab)using VideoLAN: Learn what you can do with your video and audio using powerful VideoLAN command line interface
    • NetBSD Intrusion Detection Server. How can we describe the functions of such a server?
  • Memory_file_system_in_freebsd_08_2011

    Memory File System in FreeBSD

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 08/2011
    • Getting Started with FreeNAS™ 8.0.1
    • Your BSD ‘App Store’ with pbulk: Building everything in pkgsrc with automation using DragonFlyBSD
    • mfsBSD – The Swiss Army Knife for FreeBSD system administrators
    • How To Make Memory File System In FreeBSD
    • Manipulating map data using QGIS
    • IPv6: Open with Care
    • Puffy The Hobbit – The Challenge of Porting GNOME 3 to OpenBSD
    • What It Takes Starting and Running an Open Source Certification Program, Part III
  • Bsd_security_bsd_07_2011-1

    BSD Security

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 07/2011
    • Larger scale FreeBSD
    • DragonflyBSD news: Testing Hammer Deduplication on Real-world Data
    • PC-BSD’s New Control Panel
    • Using POSTGIS tabular and geographic data with FreeBSD
    • Collectd – A look at the Systems Statistics Collection Daemon
    • Using Memcached for High Scalability Web Services
    • LDAP Authentication and Authorization of Unix Users Under OpenBSD
    • Building a complete intrusion detection system with Snorby on BSD
    • Full Disk Encryption on FreeBSD
    • What It Takes: Starting and Running an Open Source Certification Program, Part II
    • Interview with Paul Schenkeveld
  • Nanobsd_and_alix_bsd_06_201

    NanoBSD and Alix

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 06/2011
    • Introduction to OpenSSL: Command-line Tool
    • Introducing FreeNASTM 8.0
    • A Puffy In The Corporate Aquarium – Success story: OpenBSD as an Enterprise Desktop
    • Installing FreeBSD with PC-SYSINSTALL
    • An introduction to GIS on FreeBSD
    • Exploring The Powers Of The Cloud – Deploying Eyeos On BSD
    • NanoBSD and ALIX
    • Mutt On OS X – Part III
    • OpenBSD Networking
    • OMAP3 Full Support is Coming Soon in FreeBSD
    • What It Takes – Starting and Running an Open Source Certification Program, Part I
    • Interview with Rafał Jaworowski
  • Bsd_05_2011

    Embedded BSD: FreeBSD & Alix

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 05/2011
    • Introduction to the Z Shell
    • Supporting Multiple Desktops in PC-BSD 9.0
    • DragonFly News
    • Evolution of an OpenBSD Port
    • FreeBSD & Alix A pint sized install of an Enterprise OS
    • Mono (C# and the .NET Framework) on FreeBSD
    • Drupal on FreeBSD part 6
    • Backups – Made Easy A fast solution to a real problem
    • Fighting DDoS Attacks with PF
    • The MacOS X Command Line
    • Implementing OpenSMTPD An Independent Reference Document
    • License Wars!
    • Allocating Dynamic Memory with Confidence
  • Bsd_04_2011

    FreeBSD: Portability With VMware

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 04/2011
    • Interview with Dru Lavigne
    • Why You Use FreeBSD Just May Start With A ‘Z’
    • OpenBSD improves upon /etc/rc.d/
    • DragonFly News
    • Package Management for the upcoming PC-BSD 9
    • Converting a Physical Partition with FreeBSD to a vmware Image
    • Build appliances with QEMU and OpenBSD
    • Drupal on FreeBSD part 5
    • Mutt On OS X part 2
    • Realtime Weather Data EMWIN on FreeBSD
    • Benchmarking Different Kind of Storage
    • Content Management Made Easy The Open Source Way!
  • Bsd_03_2011

    The Wonders Of Blender

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 03/2011
    • Ramblings from the Rogue Admin
    • DragonFly News
    • Run your Phone System on OpenBSD
    • A quick look at the upcoming PC-BSD 9
    • Drupal on FreeBSD part 4
    • Using FreeBSD to authenticate users with OpenLDAP and FreeRADIUS
    • How To Setup OpenBSD On The Embeded Alix Card
    • Setting up Git and Mercurial Servers
    • The Wonders Of Blender
    • Useful OpenBSD Tools
  • Bsd_02_2011

    ZFS and FreeBSD

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 02/2011
    • ZFS and FreeBSD
    • Network transparent rate limitation with ipfw
    • Building an iSCSI storage with BSD
    • How to setup a USB Memory stick for installing a pfSense SoHo Firewall/Router
    • Mutt On OS X
    • The Missing Links to Strategic Implementation
    • Browser Wars
    • Interview with Dan Langille
    • PC-SYSINSTALL – A new system installer backend for PC-BSD & FreeBSD
  • Bsd_01_2011

    BSD’s and Solaris

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 01/2011
    • Drupal on FreeBSD – part 3
    • Email MX server in FreeBSD – Confguring FreeBSD as a mail MX server with Postfx
    • Installing NGINX and PHP 5.3.x on FreeBSD 8.1
    • Text Terminal magic with tmux
    • Writing ‘bots using XMPP
    • How to quickly make a bootable USB stick with FreeBSD
    • FreeBSD and simple char device driver for real PCI-hardware
    • BSD’s and Solaris on the Desktop. Are they ready to serve?
    • Games Geeks Play!
    • Why can’t offce employees get along with open source offce suites?
  • Bsd_11

    Introduction to WebDAV

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 11/2010
    • Drupal on FreeBSD – part 2
    • An Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Using The Command Line Interface In Bsd
    • Backup your laptop from anywhere to your home server with openvpn, rsync and ssh
    • Authenticating NAT with authpf
    • Xmodmapon the way to writing hieroglyphs quickly
    • FreeBSD Binary Upgrade
    • Introduction to WebDAV
    • Managing software with NetBSD’s pkgsrc packaging system
  • Bsd_10

    Vpn and BSD

    • Free Issue to Download!
    • Commissioning FreeBSD with the Drupal Content Management Framework – Part 1
    • Building VPNs on OpenBSD
    • Closed-source and unsupported drivers with FreeBSD
    • I.T. certifications and the value I got in it
  • Bsd_09_2010

    BSD and LINUX

    • Free Issue to Download!
    • Interview with Dirk H. Schulz
    • Installing a Citrix Client on FreeBSD
    • Writing shellcode for Linux and *BSD
    • How To Convert Text to Voice Using Festival and Lame in FreeBSD
    • FreeBSD Squid proxy with Parental Controls How-To
    • Network monitoring with Nagios and OpenBSD PART 2
    • The Difference Between FreeBSD and Ubuntu in a Not So Technical Way
  • Bsd_08_2010

    BSD as Operating System

    • Free Issue to download
    • Introduction to MidnightBSD
    • The FreeBSD Ubuntu challenge
    • Network monitoring with Nagios and OpenBSD PART 1
    • Replacing Microsoft Exchange Server
    • Maintenance Systems over BSD
    • Low Resource PCs with FreeBSD
    • Making the Unknown Giant Visible and Known
  • 07_2010


    • Free Issue to download
    • Building a Desktop Firewall with pf and fwbuilder
    • OpenBSD Some Interesting One Floppy Systems
    • Remote Installation of the FreeBSD Operating System without a Remote Console
    • OpenBSD as a Mail Server
    • Performance Comparison ITTIA DB and SQLite
    • Interview with Jeff Roberson
    • FreeBSD Experience and Success Story
  • 06_2010

    BSD Firewalls

    • Free Issue to download
    • Feature: WebHostingBuzz a hosting company all too familiar with BSD
    • Introduction to NanoBSD
    • Secure Your Wireless with IPsec
    • Redundant firewalls with OpenBSD, CARP and pfsync
    • Easier WINE Installation on amd64 FreeBSD
    • Configuring IP-Based SSL on multiple hosts with Apache and FreeBSD
    • BSD File Sharing – Part 4. SSH
    • BSD Opinion Reflections of a Sys-admin
    • SAP over BSD
  • Bsd_05_2010

    Embedded BSD

    • Free Issue to Download!
    • MaheshaBSD: A Live CD Project From The Lake Mansarovar
    • OpenBSD as a Primary Domain Controller
    • FreeBSD MySQL Clustering How-to
    • BSD FILE SHARING – Part 3. FTP
    • Exploring HAMMER
    • Embedded OpenBSD
    • Making Sense of Data Management on Intelligent Devices
    • BSD in the Industry
  • Bsd_04_2010

    Hosting BSD

    • Free Issue to Download!
    • Modern FreeBSD Install
    • X11 without dbus/hald and with three kings
    • Converting a FreeBSD Port Using PBI Builder
    • BSD File Sharing – Part 2. SAMBA
    • Running VirtualBox OSE with VNC under FreeBSD 8.0
    • FreeBSD Firewall with Transparent Proxy Server, DHCP Server and Name Server
    • The Squid and the Blowfish
    • Hosting Environment Network and Firewall Redundancy with the BSDs
    • Comparison of FreeBSD And OpenBSD: Not One Cake But The Two Ones
    • Introducing Beastie to Strangers