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Handling Kernel Panic

Release Date: 2013-03
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  • Reacting to Panic: How to Configure the System to handle Crash Dumps
  • MaheshaBSD Server: MySQL and WordPress in FreeBSD
  • FreeBSD Programming Primer: How to Embed CSS and Javascript in Pages
  • Hardening FreeBSD with TrustedBSD and MAC: configuration of mac_ifoff, mac_portacl, and MAC LOMAC modules
  • Please note: In the article FreeBSD Programming Primer, the Listing 13 was incorrect, it should be:
  • #dev mysql -u root -p’cms-password’ < createdb.sql #dev mysql -u root -p’cms-password’ < createpagetbl.sql #dev mysql -u root -p’cms-password’ < createpage.sql


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    • Schrödingers Cat, Tri-states, and the Menace of Metrics

      There is continual pressure in our metric driven industry to deliver. The scope triangle defines time, cost and quality as the boundaries that limit any given project. Yet even with this wisdom, projects fail customer expectations, run late or exceed budget. Why?

    • MaheshaBSD Server Second Edition Has Been Released…

      The first article about MaheshaBSD Server was published in the 2012 August issue of the BSD Magazine. It is a turnkey FTP/WWW Server now also with WordPress running immediately off a USB memory stick without any installation and configuration procedures. It has many advantages, too. Presently, there is not such a thing available in the Open Source world – that is, a preconfigured WordPress Server running off a writable USB memory stick. Particularly WordPress is the news in this release. To set up MySQL and WordPress in FreeBSD is a difficult task for the newbies. Thus, this software has also an educational purpose

    • Reacting to Panic

      FreeBSD provides a very powerful mechanism for reporting dramatic error conditions that are known as kernel panic. A kernel panic is when the system does not know how to proceed any further, and instead of making the disks or the memory or any other component incosistent, it raises a panic that is an explicit request for help. Fortunately, FreeBSD is a secure and stable operating system, and this means that panics are not frequent and, on the other hand, the system is able to start over automatically to provide service continuity. However, knowing what a panic is and how to handle information about it, as well as knowing when, in kernel or device driver development, it does make sense to issue a panic, which is a valuable knowledge for a system administrator.

    • FreeBSD Programming Primer Part 3

      In the third part of our series on programming, we will look at code structure, program flow and how to embed CSS and Javascript in pages. We will also start using SQL to dynamically generate web pages.

    • Hardening FreeBSD with TrustedBSD and Mandatory Access Controls (MAC) Part 5

      Most system administrators understand the need to lock down permissions for files and applications. In addition to these configuration options on FreeBSD, there are features provided by TrustedBSD that add additional layers of specific security controls to fine tune the operating system for multilevel security. For the purpose of this article, support will be loaded in with kernel modules already available with FreeBSD 9.1. Part 5 and of the TrustedBSD series will cover the basic configuration of the mac_ifoff, mac_portacl, and MAC LOMAC modules.