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Rehosting in NetBSD

Release Date: 2013-02
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  • VAX/OpenVMS Rehosting in NetBSD 6.0 Hosts
  • What’s around the Corner: A Look at Upcoming PC-BSD Changes
  • SSL for Dovecot and Roundcube for the Qmail MTA
  • FreeBSD Unattended Installation of Servers
  • FreeBSD Programming Primer (CMS)
  • Organizational Structure and Culture at FreeBSD
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    • Fear, Loathing and Misunderstandings

      “You’re a Nazi control freak” screamed the accountant as he stormed off in a violent rage, slamming the server room door within a few millimeters of my (fortunately) small nose for good measure. As the glass walls vibrated with the impact, I had a moment of doubt – was I right in refusing to disclose the superuser password for all the European servers to this manager?

    • What's around the Corner: A Look at Upcoming PC-BSD Changes

      Over the Christmas holidays, PC-BSD 9.1 was released and while it offered many new features and functionality, the developers haven’t sat back and relaxed just yet. In this article the author gives you a preview of some of the high-level changes that will be coming to PC-BSD a bit later this year.

    • VAX/OpenVMS Rehosting in NetBSD 6.0 Hosts

      One of the most important issues in the long-term projects industry is the obsolescence risk that impacts specially IT infrastructure. Maybe the most paradigmatic case occurs in the aerospace industry where projects and programs last decades and, due to strong constraints, are not easy to update mainly due to legal or government requirements. From this article you will learn how to install, configure and administer VAX/OpenVMS servers hosted in NetBSD boxes. You will also find out how to avoid obsolescence risks and improve performance for former VAX/OpenVMS if you are still working with them.

    • Installing and Configuring SSL for Dovecot and Roundcube for the Qmail MTA

      Dovecot is an Open Source IMAP and POP3 email server for Linux/UNIX-like systems, written with security primarily in mind. Dovecot is an excellent choice for both small and large installations. It’s fast, simple to set up, requires no special administration and it uses very little memory. In this article the author describes how to install and configure dovecot to communicate with the imaps protocol. He will show you as well how to install and configure the roundcube to communicate with dovecot.

    • FreeBSD Unattended Installation of Servers

      This article tries to show how to manage an important (in terms of size) computing park when talking about the unattended installation and upgrade of FreeBSD servers. During the read you will learn how to manage the version of FreeBSD running on your machines and the provisioning or upgrading of each machine in an advantageous way. This article is addressed to the readers who already have some sysadmin experience. However, if you are a beginner in the file you can always contact the author directly and consult with him the dificulties.

    • FreeBSD Programming Primer (CMS) Part 2

      In the second part of our series on programming, we will look at configuring our development server, write our first lines of code and commit the changes to a version control system. Before you will get started, you need to have a FreeBSD test server available with the AMP (Apache / MySQL / PHP) installed. If you want to follow the author step by step you will also have to use a version control system (VCS) and a CLI based text editor. The show example is based on FreeBSD 9.0 with VI, MC (for file management) and GIT running under Virtualbox.

    • Organizational Structure and Culture at FreeBSD

      Business Schools teach you during expensive MBA studies how managers should shape the structure and influence the culture of organizations so that they become more innovative. Concepts such as natural systems, self-organization, creative swiping, boundary spanning, empowerment… are known to be helpful in making employees more creative. To save you the trouble of paying for costly business courses and based on author’s view as a committer, this article addresses the question to know whether or not FreeBSD is the right place to develop innovative ideas.