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Last Year of BSD Security

Release Date: 2012-08
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We would like to present you The Last Year of BSD Security. We collected here the best security articles, published in BSD Magazine since May 2011 till September 2012. We consider the topic as well important as interesting in its necessity and practical approach it requires. Further, we hope that you will just enjoy this issue.
This is the second and the last special issue, which we prepared for sell, so the income from it could support BSD Magazine. You can get it on: http://stackmag.org


  • Last Year of BSD Security

    Configuring a FreeBSD Stealth Logging Server
    Hardening BSD with Security Levels
    Puppet on FreeBSD
    Taming the Blowfish with a Dog
    Equip Your CA with HSM for <50 Euros
    freebsdupdate as Intrusion Detection System
    Building a Complete Intrusion Detection System with Snorby on BSD
    NetBSD Intrusion Detection Server
    FreeBSD IPS with Snort Inline
    A Beginner’s Guide to PF
    NAXSI A Web Application Firewall for Nginx
    Fighting DDoS Attacks with PF
    Protecting Apache from DoS and DDos Attacks
    Protect Dynamic Websites Using Apache, php, MySQL and ModeSecurity
    Home Brew Captive Portal with OpenBSD
    Load Balancers
    A Fresh Look at the Warden for PC-BSD 9.1
    Using Qjail to Set up the basejail
    Full Disk Encryption on FreeBSD
    Data Classification Policy
    Synchronization Problems or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Sleep Mutex
    Introduction to DTrace
    GDB and Truss for Debugging
    Anatomy of FreeBSD Compromise
    Hardening FreeBSD with TrustedBSD and Mandatory Access Controls (MAC)
    Why Should I Become BSDA Certified?
    How Do I Study for the BSDA Certification?
    Taking the BSDA Certification Exam.