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The Best of BSD 2011

Release Date: 2012-08
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In this issue you will find the best BSD Magazine articles of 2011 with updates. It’s a payed issue with 200 pages of content. The income from this sell will support BSD Magazine, so it can maintain its position on the market as a free on-line publication. The Best of BSD 2011 you may purchase on: http://stackmag.org


  • The Best of BSD 2011

    Getting Started with FreeNAS™ 8.2.0
    Using Life Preserver to Backup a PC-BSD 9.0 System to FreeNAS™ 8.2.0
    Your BSD “App Store” with pbulk: Building Everything in pkgsrc with Automation Using DragonFlyBSD
    Testing HAMMER Deduplication on Real-world Data
    Recovering Data with HAMMER
    OpenBSD Improves Upon /etc/rc.d/
    Speed Daemons
    Keeping Your Configuration Files Shiny As New Using sysmerge(8)
    OpenBSD Kernel Memory Pools: Monitoring Usage with Systat
    LDAP Authentication and Authorization of Unix Users Under OpenBSD
    Supporting Multiple Desktops in PC-BSD 9.0
    BSDs and Solaris on the Desktop. Are They Ready to Serve?
    A Puffy In the Corporate Aquarium. Success Story: OpenBSD as an Enterprise Desktop
    Puffy the Hobbit. The Challenge of Porting GNOME 3 to OpenBSD
    An Introduction to GIS on FreeBSD
    Using POSTGIS Tabular and Geographic Data with FreeBSD
    Manipulating Map Data Using QGIS
    Using Openmaps Data with Geoserver
    A GIS Strategy for Web-enabled Business
    Introduction to Openssl: Command-line Tool
    The Wonders of Blender
    Converting a Physical Partition with FreeBSD to a VMware Image
    (Ab)using VideoLAN
    Taking a Peek Under the Hood Without Compromising Security
    Extracting Useful Information From Log Messages
    Data Storage with FreeBSD & NetBSD
    ZFS and FreeBSD
    mfsBSD the Swiss Army Knife for FreeBSD System Administrators
    How to Make a Memory File System in FreeBSD
    Using FreeBSD to Authenticate Users with OpenLDAP and FreeRADIUS
    Building an iSCSI Storage with BSD
    Benchmarking Different Kinds of Storage
    Exploring the Powers of the Cloud. Deploying eyeOS on BSD
    FreeBSD & ALIX. A Pint Sized Install of an Enterprise OS
    NanoBSD & ALIX
    What it Takes Starting and Running an Open Source Certification Program
    Interview with Dru Lavigne