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BSD’s and Solaris

Release Date: 2011-01
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  • Drupal on FreeBSD – part 3

    Continuing the series on the Drupal Content Management System, we will look at creating a store front for our new website using CCK and Views.

  • Email MX server in FreeBSD – Confguring FreeBSD as a mail MX server with Postfx

    This is a tutorial on how to setup a mail MX server using Postfix.

  • Installing NGINX and PHP 5.3.x on FreeBSD 8.1

    Have been using Apache as my default web server on FreeBSD servers since departing from IIS 4.0 and NT systems in 1999. Apache has always performed great on my installations and give the Apache Foundation great praise.

  • Text Terminal magic with tmux

    Once you get used to something you seldom like to go back to old ways. So much so that you get uncomfortable without it.

  • Writing ‘bots using XMPP

    One of my favorite topics, using XMPP/Jabber for productive, real world applications!

  • How to quickly make a bootable USB stick with FreeBSD

    This article covers the steps needed to make a bootable USB stick with FreeBSD – a quick howto that also applies to a USB drive.

  • FreeBSD and simple char device driver for real PCI-hardware

    The FreeBSD operating system captivates the hearts and minds of it’s fans so much, that finds it’s way in very diversive industries such as hosting projects and backbone routers. It can run on small embedded devices, as well as on large, multi-core systems.

  • BSD’s and Solaris on the Desktop. Are they ready to serve?

    As I am a great unix fan, I use BSD daily, but I mainly use the beast on the servers. In my company, we run Linux on Desktops and I would like to change that too. Therefore I underwent this venture in order to see whether Unix is ready to replace Linux on the desktop or not.

  • Games Geeks Play!

    In this article, we explore the various gaming options available for the BSD users.

  • Why can’t offce employees get along with open source offce suites?

    I have been working for 6 years now in an office setting. Since the organization I work for does not have that “big” funds for purchasing bleeding-edge software, we put our hands on some open source counterparts of the proprietary ones.