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Release Date: 2010-02
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  • A first look at PC-BSD 8 release

    With the release of FreeBSD 8.0 it’s only a matter of time before we can expect the next version of PC-BSD. At the time of writing plenty of work was being done to prepare PC-BSD 8.0.

  • Installing and securing an Apache Jail with SSL on FreeBSD

    The Apache HTTP server developed by the Apache Software Foundation 1 is the most popular webserver software in use today installed at over 100 Million 2 sites worldwide.

  • The gemstones for FreeBSD

    Building web applications has become so popular that you can’t imagine Internet as a static system any more.

  • OpenBSD, NetBSD and FreeBSD as file sharing servers – Part 1 – NFS

    How to share files between multiple operation systems and keep your data safe.

  • IPsec VPNs An Introduction to IKE and IPsec

    This article concerns itself with IPsec and IKE, the protocols used to build IPsec based VPNs (hereafter referred to simply as a VPN).

  • LDAP on FreeBSD

    Keeping your information synced across multiple systems can be a pain. While there are many ways to ensure consistency in your media and documents (rsync and scp work wonders in this area), there are not too many options for maintaining your address book.

  • Secure and stable mailservers with OpenBSD and qmail

    Secure and stable email servers are important for everyone who is using email. Most of the communication in companies is done by sending and receiving emails. So, reliable email systems are very important for each Internet company.

  • Developing Secure Storages: Now On FreeBSD

    Developers of server-side, desktop and mobile applications working with FreeBSD now get access to Solid File System – a well-known component designed by EldoS Corporation. FreeBSD-developers have an ability to store documents and files in a highly secure robust and flexible file system with no run-time fees. Clean room implementation allows royalty-free business applications.

  • Web Server Benchmarking

    I cannot lie; I had an extremely difficult time determining what to write about for this issue of the magazine.

  • OpenSSH: common but underappreciated

  • Interview with Olivier Cochard-Labbé, Founder of FreeNAS

    The FreeNAS project (http://freenas.org/freenas), founded by Olivier Cochard-Labbé in 2005, is an open source network attached storage distribution. The project offers a simple, elegant way for home users and network administrators to host data on a small, stable platform at very low cost.