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Editorial inquiries

If you have any queries connected to the editorial contents, ideas for articles, suggestions regarding consumers' tests subject and interviews, do not hesitate to contact editors@bsdmag.org

A hard copy version is distributed by FreeBSD Mall and can be ordered at: http://www.freebsdmall.com or via: theresa@freebsdmall.com

Note: There is a month delay in hard copy distribution comparing to on-line version.

Editorial Team

Editor in Chief:
Ewa Dudzic

Managing Editor:
Kamil Sobieraj

Associate Editor:
Luca Ferrari

Betatesters & Proofreaders: Ahmed Aneeth, Babak Farrokhi, Barry Grumbine, Bjørn Michelsen, Christopher Umina, Cleiton Alves, Darren Pilgrim, Eric De La Cruz Lugo, Eric Geissinger, Imad Soltani, Jeff Loupe, Luiz Claudio Pacheco, Mani Kanth, Matias Surdi, Michael Dexter, Norman Golisz, Olaoluwa Omokanwaiye, Pablo Halamaj, Paul McMath, Radjis Mahangoe, Rob Cabrera, Shayne Cardwell, Tristan Karstens, Will Clayton, Zander Hill