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  • Bsd_05_2010

    Embedded BSD

    • Free Issue to Download!
    • MaheshaBSD: A Live CD Project From The Lake Mansarovar
    • OpenBSD as a Primary Domain Controller
    • FreeBSD MySQL Clustering How-to
    • BSD FILE SHARING – Part 3. FTP
    • Exploring HAMMER
    • Embedded OpenBSD
    • Making Sense of Data Management on Intelligent Devices
    • BSD in the Industry
  • Bsd_04_2010

    Hosting BSD

    • Free Issue to Download!
    • Modern FreeBSD Install
    • X11 without dbus/hald and with three kings
    • Converting a FreeBSD Port Using PBI Builder
    • BSD File Sharing – Part 2. SAMBA
    • Running VirtualBox OSE with VNC under FreeBSD 8.0
    • FreeBSD Firewall with Transparent Proxy Server, DHCP Server and Name Server
    • The Squid and the Blowfish
    • Hosting Environment Network and Firewall Redundancy with the BSDs
    • Comparison of FreeBSD And OpenBSD: Not One Cake But The Two Ones
    • Introducing Beastie to Strangers
  • Okladka_400


    • Free Issue to Download!
    • Buil Your Own FreeBSD Update Server
    • Using OpenBSD and PF as a Virtual Firewall for Windows
    • Keeping FreeBSD Applications Up-To-Date
    • Spam Control with a stock OpenBSD install
    • Choosing and Installing a Window Manager with FreeBSD
    • BSD Live Desktops
    • BSD goes to the Office: Can BSD compete in a real life consulting workplace?