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  • Bsd_11

    Introduction to WebDAV

    • Free Issue to Download! BSD 11/2010
    • Drupal on FreeBSD – part 2
    • An Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Using The Command Line Interface In Bsd
    • Backup your laptop from anywhere to your home server with openvpn, rsync and ssh
    • Authenticating NAT with authpf
    • Xmodmapon the way to writing hieroglyphs quickly
    • FreeBSD Binary Upgrade
    • Introduction to WebDAV
    • Managing software with NetBSD’s pkgsrc packaging system
  • Bsd_10

    Vpn and BSD

    • Free Issue to Download!
    • Commissioning FreeBSD with the Drupal Content Management Framework – Part 1
    • Building VPNs on OpenBSD
    • Closed-source and unsupported drivers with FreeBSD
    • I.T. certifications and the value I got in it
  • Bsd_09_2010

    BSD and LINUX

    • Free Issue to Download!
    • Interview with Dirk H. Schulz
    • Installing a Citrix Client on FreeBSD
    • Writing shellcode for Linux and *BSD
    • How To Convert Text to Voice Using Festival and Lame in FreeBSD
    • FreeBSD Squid proxy with Parental Controls How-To
    • Network monitoring with Nagios and OpenBSD PART 2
    • The Difference Between FreeBSD and Ubuntu in a Not So Technical Way