BSD Magazine Authors

Andrey aka vand777 has been passionate about technology and computers since his early teens. He works for a financial institution in the UK. He likes to play with FreeBSD in his spare time running and managing approximately 5 FreeBSD operating system instances running name servers, mail servers, web servers, application servers, database servers, firewalls, etc. for some personal domains on the internet.

Antoine Jacoutot is an OpenBSD developer living in Paris, France. He is responsible for more than 300 packages, wrote the sysmerge(8) utility and was part the OpenBSD rc.d(8) framework development. He is also a GNOMEcommitter and member of the GNOME foundation. He runs OpenBSD for pretty much everything.

Antonio Francesco Gentile lives in Italy, Calabria, and is a software and network engineer. He works for a company in Rome as a network manager, with the “Culture Lab” Department of Telematics at University of Calabria, the computer science associations “Hacklab Cosenza” and “Verde Binario” and is a freelance columnist for Italian magazines “Linux&C” and “Linux Magazine”.

Benedict Reuschling has been using FreeBSD since 5.2.1-RELEASE. He was lurking quietly on the FreeBSD mailinglists until a blog post in 2008 made him join the FreeBSD German Documentation team. After having received his commit bit for the FreeBSD project’s documentation set as well, he’s been involved in many aspects of documentation around FreeBSD. Learning and practicing the Tai Chi Yang style is helping him switch his internal processor off during spare times.

Benedikt Niessen studied business administration at the Universities of Passau (Germany) and Innsbruck (Austria) majoring in Controlling and IT Project Management. Besides his job as a consultant for SAP CRM products in a Swiss consulting company, he has been advising start-ups of various industries in their projects by developing and implementing concepts for their IT architecture. His new book about how to set up FreeBSD 9 as a server will be published in June 2012.

Carlos Antonio Neira is a C, Unix and Mainframe developer. He develops in asm and does some kernel development for a living. In his free time he contributes to open source projects. Apart form that, he spends his time on testing and experimenting with his machines. What gives him a great fun is solving the old problems with new ideas.

Diego Montalvo is the founder of a soon to be released social | collaborative search engine. Diego is a web guru and technical writer who enjoys the beach, socializing, staying up late, exercising and taking shots.

Dru Lavigne is author of BSD Hacks, The Best of FreeBSD Basics, and The Definitive Guide to PC-BSD. As Director of Community Development for the PC-BSD Project, she leads the documentation team, assists new users, helps to find and fix bugs, and reaches out to the community to discover their needs. She is the former Managing Editor of the Open Source Business Resource, a free monthly publication covering open source and the commercialization of open source assets. She is founder and current Chair of the BSD Certification Group Inc., a non-profit organization with a mission to create the standard for certifyingBSD system administrators, and serves on the Board of the FreeBSD Foundation.

Edward Tan in his day-to-day job is administrating a bunch of servers running on FreeBSD. In his free time, he blogs about techie stuff, learns about Perl and thinks about how to contribute back to the FreeBSD community.

Erwin Kooi is an Information Security Manager for a large grid operator. He started with FreeBSD 4.5 and is an avid fan ever since.

Giovanni Bechis lives in Italy with his wife and son. He is an OpenBSD developer and the owner of SnB, a software house which provides web and hosting solutions based mainly on *BSD systems. He can be reached at

Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse has been an OpenBSD developer since 2006 and a GNOME committer since June 2011. Since getting his account he has been committing minor and major contributions to basically all areas of OpenBSD, as well as portability fixes to various GNOME projects. When he’s not working on OpenBSD (either professionally or as a hobby) he has a keen interest in embedded system design/programming as well as traveling and hiking.

Jeroen van Nieuwenhuizen was the chair of the EuroBSDcon 2011 organizing committee. In his daily life Jeroen works as a Unix Consultant for Snow B.V. He came in contact with Unix in 1997 and started to work with the BSD’s in 2002. His free time activities include reading, recumbent cycling, speed skating and herding his cats.

José B. Alós has developed an important part of his professional career since 1999 as an EDS employee, as UNIX System Administrator, mainly focused on SunOS/Solaris, BSD and GNU/Linux. Five years ago he joined EADS Defense and Security, nowadays CASSIDIAN as a responsible for providing support for end-users in aircraft engineering departments for long-term projects. He was also Assistant Professor in the Universdad de Zaragoza (Spain), specialized in the design of High Availability solutions and his academical background includes a PhD in Nuclear Engineering and three MsC in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics.

Juraj Sipos lives in Slovakia and he works in a library in an educational institute. Some time in the past he was fortunate to travel around the world and he spent a bit of time in India and Australia. Juraj’s hobbies are computers, mostly Unix, but spirituality too. His first published computer article was Xmodmap How to. In addition to computers, he is very interested in Hinduism but not really the guru side of things, but more-so freedom and self-actualization.

*Justin Sherrill *has been publishing the DragonFly BSD Digest since 2004, and is responsible for several other parts of DragonFly that aren’t made out of code. He lives in the northeast United States and works over a thousand feet underground.

Kris Moore is the founder and lead developer of PC-BSD. He lives with his wife and four children in East Tennessee (USA), and enjoys building custom PC’s and gaming in his (limited) spare time.

Luca Ferrari lives in Italy with his wife and son. He is an Adjunct Professor at Nipissing University, Canada, a co-founder and the vice-president of the Italian PostgreSQL Users’ Group (ITPUG). He simply loves the Open Source culture and refuses to log-in to non-Unix systems.

Lucas Holt is the founder of the MidnightBSD project and Programmer/Analyst for Mathematical Reviews in Ann Arbor, MI, USA.

Mark VonFange is the Professional Services Manager at iXsystems, providing oversight and coordination of its FreeBSD, PC-BSD, and FreeNAS support and development services. The Professional Services Team provides services ranging from mission critical support to software and firmware development to private consultation. Mark also develops internal and external documentation for division sales and marketing.

Martin Matuška is an IT expert, senior systems administrator and developer. He is part of the FreeBSD ZFS team, maintainer of several FreeBSD ports and head of the system administration company VX Solutions s. r. o. His company focuses on deploying and maintaining ZFS systems and providing solutions based on FreeBSD, Linux and IllumOS operating systems.

Michael Dexter has used BSD Unix systems since 1991 and wrote his first FreeBSD jail management system in 2005. He has sponsored the sysjail and mult multiplicity research projects and took his BSD support public with the formation of BSD Fund in 2007. Michael is now the CTO of the BSD vendor Gainframe and Editor of the BSD technical journal Call For Testing.”

Michael Shirk is a BSD zealot who has worked with OpenBSD and FreeBSD for over 7 years. He works in the security community and supports Open Source security products that run on BSD operating systems. Michael is the Chief Executive Manager of Daemon Security Inc., a company which provides security solutions utilizing the BSD operating systems.

Patrick Allen is a developer and DBA from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He uses AIX and Linux at work, and *BSD for pleasure. However, he still misses his first true love, his Commodore 64.

Paul McMath has worked as a Unix admin for 10+ years in Europe and the United States. He has been using one BSD variant or another as his OS of choice since 2002.

*Petr Topiarz *owns and runs a small language school, works on several opensource software projects, lives in a small town near Prague in Czech Republic, Europe. He started with Linux on desktop back in 2005 and with BSDs on servers in 2006, and currently administers three small company networks. The author simply likes small things.

Rob Somerville has been passionate about technology since his early teens. A keen advocate of open systems since the mid eighties, he has worked in many corporate sectors including finance, automotive, airlines, government and media in a variety of roles from technical support, system administrator, developer, systems integrator and IT manager. He has moved on from CP/M and nixie tubes but keeps a soldering iron handy just in case.

Sławomir Wojtczak (vermaden) is just another busy sysadmin with interest towards UNIX and BSD systems (mostly FreeBSD), often forced to also work on Linux. KISS principle follower. Active troll at many BSD, UNIX and Linux forums.

Stavros N. Shiaeles is a member of the IEEE and the IEEE Computer Society. He received his diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering in Democritus University of Thrace in 2007. He is working with unix system for 8 years. Currently he is a phd student in research area of data mining with applications to computer security in *nix Systems, under the supervise of Associate Professor Alexandros S. Karakos, and also he is administrator of LPDP Lab in Democritus University of Thrace in Greece (DUTH).

Toby Richards has been a network administrator since 1997. Each article comes straight from the notes that he takes when doing a new project with *BSD. Toby recommends for your hosting needs because they provide console access to your virtual machine.

William Olson has been working with qmail since 1998. He is fluent in Windows and FreeBSD hardware and software and is currently an IT Admin for a distributor in Maine.