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About the Magazine

BSD Magazine was first published in June 2008. We have been able to launch it thanks to the devotion of all BSD community. In each issue we are trying to prove that BSD systems are reliable, secure and user-friendly. Our authors are not only professionals with years of experience and BSD gurus, but also young hotheads who have lots of interesting things to say.

To satisfy our readers, we present advice for beginners as well as news for advanced BSD enthusiasts. We understand that the key question is “How?”, and that is why theoretical issues are demonstrated using clear, practical examples. BSD Magazine is directed not only to BSD users, IT experts, and technicians but also to those who are looking for an alternative to MS Windows.

It takes up the questions concerning effective use of BSD at everyday work, as well as developing advanced technologies based on Open Source Software and alternative operating systems. We pay attention to the potential use of the system in many areas of IT market, prompting our readers that alternative solutions are not necessarily risky.

We have regular sections such as:

  • What’s New (Section for news: new releases, upcoming events, latest products; these are provided by producers, companies, etc.)
  • Developers Corner (Articles written by members of developer teams of biggest BSD projects)
  • Get Started (Installation and cofiguration articles)
  • How-to’s (Tutorials, how-to’s, guides on various topics)
  • Admin (Articles about system administration and security)
  • In Business (About the use of BSD systems in enterprise)
  • MMS (Multimedia Section – All about multimedia on BSD, games, etc.)
  • Tips & Tricks (Useful tips for beginning and advanced users)
  • Let’s Talk (Section where BSD users and professionals can share their general thoughts about Open Source, BSD, etc.)
  • It is a free, on-line, monthly publication available as a download from our website.

    A hard copy version is distributed by FreeBSD Mall and can be ordered at: http://www.freebsdmall.com or via: theresa@freebsdmall.com

    There is a month delay in hard copy distribution comparing to on-line version.


    Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the high quality of the magazine, the editors make no warranty, express or implied, concerning the results of content usage.

    All trade marks presented in the magazine were used only for informative purposes. All rights to trade marks presented in the magazine are reserved by the companies which own them.

    If you are interested in cooperating with us, please email: cooperation@bsdmag.org