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MaheshaBSD Server edition has been just released

MaheshaBSD Server edition has been just released (on June 12, 2012). MaheshaBSD (a free rescue toolkit built on FreeBSD 9.0) is a RootBSD hosted project (http://www.rootbsd.net/blog/maheshabsd-by-juraj-sipos-%E2%80%93-a-rootbsd-hosted-project/). The purpose of MaheshaBSD Server edition is to provide users (who do not have much knowledge of Unix) a smart and easy to use FTP/WWW server (something for masses) intended for in-house (small businesses) and home users. It is free for personal use, but not for corporate businesses, as its purpose is also to donate money to FreeBSD (and OpenBSD). The documentation has more details: http://www.freebsd.nfo.sk/MaheshaBSDserverManual.pdf

MaheshaBSD Server is a USB image only, as its other purpose is to show Windows users the power and portability of FreeBSD. It immediately supports quotas (documentation explains how to use this), remote administration, mounting NTFS drives with RW access, all predefined SFTP accounts are chrooted, FTP server is anonymous only, etc. It is very practical and simple to run a smart server off the USB flash drive. MaheshaBSD Server can be downloaded here: ftp://2227.×.rootbsd.net/index.html